Thursday, February 3, 2011

E-Capcom Touts Retro Rockman Straps

Up for preorder at E-Capcom, a set of new 8-bit-styled Rockman straps. These little trinkets, officially named Rockman Dot Strap Collection Vol 1, will release on May 31st.

Nine straps in total comprise volume 1, consisting of the characters you see here. Apparently, the remaining two are being shrouded in intentional mystery. What's more, E-Capcom is selling the straps in sets of eight, so you won't recieve the complete collection with just one order. Indeed, it sounds like Capcom's using the good ol' trading figure tactic once again.

If you've got the means to do so, you can preorder a set directly through E-Capcom. A box of eight runs for 3,598 yen (roughly $44.00 USD).

Credit: Game Swag (Thanks, Heidi!)


  1. Uh, a mystery? You mean I'm supposed to believe it won't be Bass?

  2. One will be an E-tank

  3. I hope that at least some of the MM1 Robot Masters will be included in some of the future volumes...

    Not like I would get these anyway, but I do like the Wily strap...




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