Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tune In To GTTV Tonight To Win Kotobukiya Models

This week's episode of GameTrailers TV is apparently giving viewers a chance at winning all three Mega Man Kotobukiya model kits. I spotted this little tidbit of interest over at the official Kotobukiya FaceBook:

"Catch GT.TV on SPIKE this Thursday night for your chance to win our Mega Man, Roll & Proto Man model kits!"

GTTV airs tonight on Spike TV at 1AM PST.

It remains to be seen just what exactly is required of the audience to win, so we're pretty much being asked to tune in and check it out. Also, since this is being sponsored by KotoUS, it's safe to assume their giving away the English version kits, which feature Mega Man branding.

Might be wise to keep an eye out on KotoUS's FaceBook for more details.


  1. thanks for the up and up dude

  2. You should get far more than that for having to watch GTTV.....

  3. "You should get far more than that for having to watch GTTV....."

    Haha, yeah. Considering that's 3 am for the rest of us over here.

  4. it's on guys good luck ;D

  5. Haha.. I won. Thanks for the heads up~

  6. @Lewa Aww, you lucky bastard! :P

    What did you have to do?

  7. Answer a question based on the episode... Which was to name 3 of the 4 people that did a "face smash" thing with the 3DS.


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