Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rockman Manga Reprints Delayed

Not long after the small delay for Mega Man Battle Network: Official Complete Works, word has it Japan is seeing their own set of delays in the form of the reprinted editions of Shigeto Ikehara’s Rockman 7 and Koji Izuki’s Rockman 8 manga adaptions.

Online retailers such as Tanomi and even the books' publisher, Wedge Holdings, have chosen to delay both titles until a little later this Spring. Originally scheduled for a February 22 release, Rockman 7 Volume 1 is now set to ship towards the end of March followed by Volume 2 in late April. Rockman 8, being released in a single volume, won't hit store shelves until late May. A reason behind the delays wasn't disclosed.

We've yet to hear if these reprints will offer any additional content to set them apart from the original prints. At best, I think we can expect some new cover art by Ikehara/Izuki, and perhaps some commentary or a nice conceptual art section, or two.

And who knows, maybe UDON will translate and release these some time later. One can only hope!

Source: CAPKobun


  1. Another Mega Man manga series is getting delayed? Oh, lord. I'm shocked.

  2. when I saw rockman 8 i though megaman 8 was being released on JP PSN

  3. Well thats a shame but all well thats life for ya.
    Sure do hope Udon picks those up and brings them to the states.

  4. That would be pretty interesting. It'd be nice if they decided to translate and release the Mega Man X manga as well.

  5. Did the Rockman 8 manga ever get a proper volume 3 release in Japan?
    Or was it cut short like the Rockman X4 manga? (They didn't even fight SIGMA! It just ended after Double/General.)

  6. @ Anon #2:

    Nope, there wasn't anything after the second volume, despite the tease for a third book. Just ended with the Search Man chapter.

    I'm not totally sure, but I believe part of it had to do with Izuki and the Moon Up crew forging ahead with the Rockman and Forte books.

    At least X4 did get that re-release addition of two more chapters to add the Double and General fights. It originally ended before that, even.


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