Friday, February 11, 2011

Zero and Tron's Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Endings

With Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 already in the hands of some, footage of several characters' story mode endings have naturally made their way online. Tron and Zero's endings (viewable below) in particular are are quite interesting: Tron's contains the usual tongue-and-cheek MML humor we all know and love, while Zero's is -- well, let's just say it'll be raising a few eyebrows.

Neo Arcadia in 21XX? Well, we knew that was bound to happen eventually. The utopia's presence within the latter years of the X canon was largely hinted at in various sources, so it shouldn't come as a major surprise or a glaring canon error. If I'm not mistaken, this scenario would pen Zero to be from the pre to mid-Elf Wars era.

Not sure what to make of that "Mega Man Zero" remark, honestly.... meh. You can almost look at it as an in-joke: Capcom's making fun of themselves and the Mega Man series' cluttered continuity. Silly, at best.

(Thanks for the tip, Amir!)


  1. It appears that Silver Surfer took Zero...

    ...FOR A RIDE.


  2. LOL! Looks like Silver Surfer got off at the wrong time stop. XD

  3. Did they just split the MMX/MMZ canon? Surely this is just an outsider's look of the Megaman universe in, and happened to screw with canon in the process.

    I don't know about MM/MMX, but one could definitely make a case that MMX/MMZ/MMZX are not connected. Not likely, but possible.

  4. ...lame. No X and Axl like in TvC huh? Lame. Even Trigger got into Tron's ending.

    Silver Surfer sucks anyway. Bah. Lame ending for Zero. Tron's was kinda cool, but.. ick. I hate the Sentinels just about as much as anything. Ugly things.

  5. I think it's kinda funny Capcom threw in a tongue-in-cheek jab at one of their own series' jumbled continuities.

    At least that's what I took from that.

  6. Hehehe.

    How many times do we see the names of cities in the X series? Not bloody many, if at all, I'd wager. So that leaves city names wide open.

    So Zero knows and is from a city called "Neo-Arcadia" -- but the Neo-Arcadia that "Mega Man Zero", which is how (in English at least) the Zero-in-Zero-series has been referred to such as on game packaging and whatnot. Being a "Mega Man" starring in his own series, and all.

    And the Silver Surfer took X-series Zero to the Neo-Arcadia of "Mega Man Zero", but it's the wrong Neo-Arcadia and he's going to try to find the right dimension to drop Zero off in --

    the right dimension

    -- which is apparently not the dimension of "Mega Man Zero" --

    Oh, those sneaky, sneaky bastards. Capcom, you magnificent trolls. This sweeps so much out of way while bringing glorious carnage in its wake, if we're to take it at face value.

    I do so love alternate and parallel timelines ~ }3

  7. Pfeh, typos and missing words. -_-

    Please amend to '... but not the Neo-Arcadia that "Mega Man Zero" ...'

  8. I don't think it's implying Neo Arcadia's presence in 21XX so much as implying that the Surfer's having trouble getting Zero to the right universe.
    But it's just ignorant of the Megaman plotlines, referring the MMZ games as being a different universe from the MMX games, and referring to Megaman Zero as being the name of a character and not just the title of the series.
    I imagine a scene where this is why Inafune left Capcom.
    Inafune: Hey guys, whatcha doing with Zero in MVC3?
    MVC3 Programmer: Why don't you take a look at his ending we just finished?
    "I'm Zero, not Megaman Zero"
    *Inafune Ragequits Capcom*
    Obviously not what happened but funny all the same.

  9. Alright.

    So Mega Man's apparently not playable.

    But Volnutt's in Tron's ending.

    Awesome. Just awesome.

  10. WTF? sorry to say this but these endings are crap!

  11. I don't see anything mystifying about Zero's ending. Instead of bringing him to the X series, the Silver Surfer brought him to the Zero series.

    It's likely this is all in good fun. However, if we were to take it seriously, it may imply that the X series and Zero series exist in different continuities.

    ...which unusual idea. I'm not sure how I'd feel about that.

  12. NO WAY! The Zero series being a different universe? Come on Capcom. You're making me sad here that you'd regard these 2 timelines as separate universes.

  13. HAH! Split timeline! I knew it.

  14. I loved Tron's ending. And Trigger saying "I just wanna go home"...priceless :3

    Zero's ending has as much canonical value as that old Guts Man article about he being married to Roll.


  15. These endings prove that Niitsuma doesnt understand or give a cr... about megaman and the megaman series.

  16. It says Rockman Zero's world is in a different dimension from Zero's world. Well, time IS a dimension.

  17. Some people are taking this a little bit too serious. It's obviously a joke. If the Zero series actually was a completely different universe then X series Zero wouldn't know about it now would he.

  18. A future universe, 100+a years later

    Zero know's what Neo Arcadia is

  19. Thanks a lot.. you are spoiling us.. We didnt finished it, oh man. Thanks for ruining!

  20. Guys, I don't really think we should be taking these seriously. It's just some endings written by people who obviously don't understand the storyline.
    They wouldn't retcon canon in a vs game. >>;

  21. So they even go so far as to reference MegaMan Zero in this game as well? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if MMZ was a DLC alternate costume.

    Capcom, you Zero-loving whores! Why not throw in Megaman ZX, Zero from Battle Network and Copy Zero. Hell, ditch the other fighters and just call the game "War of the Zeroes". The game can come in a case shaped like Zero's helmet which would contain a small lock of Zero's hair. Pre-order the special edition and you'll get an exclusive vibrating dildo shaped like Zero's saber.

    Why not rename Capcom, "Zeroes Incorporated".

  22. @professor megaman
    All in due time.

    But all the people overreacting about capcom being shit now, do remember: It's not often a big company takes a jab at the plotline and confuses the fans. It was actually quite funny. And I do believe people should know about Megaman in order to know the difference between Zero and Megaman Zero?

    And also, like I said, capcom's making fun of themselves by insulting zero, right? I think they're trying to imply theres too many zeros/Zero is in too many games, both being true. Maybe they're trying to get the fans to want the ACTUAL megaman in the games more? Because that would make sense. I mean, when the developers know a certain character is used so much and they start taking jabs at him, that's when you know hes overplayed.

    Now, Axel on the other hand...

  23. I don't know about anyone else, but I actually liked Zero's ending. Although, the thing about Mega Man Zero taking place in another dimension, rather than an alternate timelime, kind of reminds me of the continuity error in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, where Blaze the Cat and Nega Robotnik (yes, "Nega Robotnik"; I hate the "Eggman" name with a passion) were originally from another dimension, but were later on retconned into being from the future.

  24. @Professor Megaman:

    I'd buy that.


  25. After all the stupid crap that happened in the Zero series and ZX, shouldn't you all be more than happy to take this ending at face value?

    Come on, no stupid cyber elf (cyber..elf..just say that out loud, and then think about it for a while) wars, no amnesiac Zero and Ghost X, no "hundreds of years later the power of X and Zero have been magically preserved in the form of battle armor", no BS. Period. With this ending, the Mega Man X series can now continue without being weighed down with the burden of having to stay consistent with not one, but TWO future continuities. If you trace the Mega Man timeline from the classic series all the way to Mega Man ZX, isn't clear that things got way out of hand?

    TL;DR: This isn't tongue-in-cheek, this is most likely a canonical attempt by Capcom to push the ol' Continuity Reset button and in doing so, restore some dignity to the Mega Man storyline. Let Zero and ZX rest in their own alternate continuities. Why does it matter if those games took place in another dimension, anyway?

  26. Why does ANYONE consider a Vs game canon?
    Did Mega Man and Roll actually fight Onslaught? Is that canon now too?
    How long after defeating Yami does this game take place? Was it Trigger that fought Yami while Tron was in this game or is Zero just having a really long, crossover filled day?
    Does Zero prefer the company of the Marvel guys or the Tatsunoko guys?

  27. Funny endings. Servbot #42 will give Mega a lot of trouble. XD

    Alternate dimensions and timelines? So, to make things "simpler, yet not so simple" (for fun), ...
    In Earth-C610 X could not recover Zero's parts in X2,
    In Earth-C611 X forgot who Zero is in X5 and he died for good,
    In Earth-C612 Zero returned in X6, while in Earth-C613 Zero was sealed,
    Command Mission is in Earth-C615,
    And this Zero is from Earth-C618.
    Also, the Zero from Earth-C729 goes to SvC Chaos, the one in Earth-C753 goes to Onimusha Blade Warlords, Zero from Earth-C638 is in TvC, Iwamoto's manga is in Earth-C594, in Earth-C697 Zero is a chibi from Pocket Fighter, and in Earth-C140 Zero is a card character in SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters.

    Aren't alternate dimensions and time travel fun? Specially when a paradox happens!

  28. Tron's ending clearly states that megaman trigger will not be playable.

  29. /\ Not forgetting the several Game Overs and other stuff that could lead to a "What if..."
    ... Mega wasn't changed into Mega Man to fight Wily?
    ... Mega Man shot Wily in MM7?
    ... Wily had took Duo along the Evil Energy in MM8?
    ... Zero wasn't revived in X2?
    ... Zero killed X in X5?
    ... Gate had not found Zero's piece?
    ... Axl had not meet Zero when he left Red Alert?
    ...Harpuia had not helped Zero in MMZ2?
    ... Tron isn't able to pay Teisel's debt before the Colossus is activated?
    ... Volnutt agreed to join the Bonnes?
    ... The eight bosses (any game) joined forces and fight the main character at the same time?
    ... and so on...

  30. Aren't some of you are going a little overboard? Scrutinizing an ending from a stylistically over-the-top dream match game, where Zero cruises with the Silver surfer across alternate dimensions? Really?

  31. Both of these paled in comparison to Haggar, Deadpool, and MODOK's endings. ESPECIALLY MODOK'S.

  32. Gotta agree, M.O.D.O.K.'s and Deadpool's endings are the best!

    Also, What if? stories can have some crazy results, like this:

    I wonder... what if a Mega Man character or any other Capcom character like Dan Hibiki or Lord Raptor had the Infinity Gauntlet?


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