Friday, February 4, 2011

Mega Man Olympics: Final Stage

Almost let the day slip by without posting this. So, yes, this is it: the final round in the Mega Man Olympics. After weeks of challenges, we've finally arrived at the climactic eighth round. In the final challenge, jgonzo and Ucchy-san must chug three frosty E-Tank beverages...

What a finish! Oh, this was fun. I'm going to miss this. Congrats to both gentlemen for a well fought contest. If you want to catch up on the previous rounds, hit up this link right here.


  1. Oh man, good times. I've been looking forward to seeing the finale. Wish I could have been there for all that.

  2. hm I wonder where I could buy some cheap e-tank drinks.

  3. The "Cold Man" stage without the "Cold Man" music? Huh.

  4. Those were surprisingly fun to watch. It's too bad it's over.


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