Tuesday, February 22, 2011

March Release For Battle Network Official Complete Works

Lately, there's been some confusion in regards to the North American release date for UDON's Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works. Some sources say the art book won't be out until July, while others say it already released this past week. To shed some light on the situation, UDON has come forth with some official news.

The Mega Man Network has confirmed with UDON managing editor Matt Moylan that the book will release in March. Comic book stores will have it in stock on March 9th. Online? Well, dates have always been less precise on that front. If the past is any indication, online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble usually ship their UDON books out a few days afterwords.

So, no need to fret about that July release in the slightest. Just a few more weeks, folks. Hang tight and do look forward to the inevitable flood of preview pages!

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. Blah! Who cares? Where's Megaman Legends Complete Works? That's what we've been wanting since forever.

    Maybe with the release of MML3 Capcom will eventually release something like this.

  2. ^
    a complete works signifies the end of a series. you want legends to end?

  3. ^
    No a Complete Works does not signify the end of a series! Example- Classic MegaMan Complete works has nothing of 9 & 10 in it yeat they came out.
    Also didn't Inafune mention before he lest Capcom that Legends 3 was the last one anyway!?

  4. Didn't stop them from making Mega Man 10, though.

  5. @Megamem: I think we should at least wait until after Mega Man Legends 3 comes out so that any art for that game will be included.

  6. @Anon1: Not necessarily, just look at the classic complete works =P

  7. ^ Then why did they make the original Megman Complete Works BEFORE Megaman 10?

  8. Rephrase: OCW means it's likely a series has ended.

  9. Oh good, I was about to start chucking things.

    It's been long enough already!

  10. Bah, one article about Battle Network, and this time it's a holier-than-thou Legends fan that comes in to take a shot. Can't go one article without some wisecracking guy taking a shot at the series.

    Anyways, to all of the people mentioning that Classic had a Complete Works yet MM9 and MM10 were created afterwards... One should note that the Classic OCW was only created for the 20th anniversary, at least in Japan.

    Is it an indication of the end of a series? Perhaps. But this is Classic we're talking about. It's completely different from all of the other series - it's really the only series set up in a way that Capcom could easily milk Classic and its fans forever if they so wanted.

    The Zero series got an Official Complete Works. The series has ended.

    The Star Force series got an Official Complete Works, even though Star Force 3 never officially stated that the series was over. All signs are pointing to the series being over regardless, when considering its relative unpopularity, and that Capcom is far more likely to start a new Network Timeline series on the 3DS instead.

    Battle Network got an OCW after the release of Operate Shooting Star. The series had already officially ended about four years prior anyways.

  11. Battle Network was the least of my favorite series, but I'm looking forward to this.

  12. I agree with Megamem.

    Battle network is G A R B A G E. Maybe Capcom can start actually producing some good Megaman stuff soon? I won't hold my breath.

  13. @Volnutt: I may not be the best BN player, or it's hugest fan, but I hold the series as one of my favorites, not just garbage.

  14. This is ridiculous, Mega Man Legends Complete Works should have come out BEFORE Battle Network Complete Works.

    Capcom will hopefully give MML it's due...

  15. To those wondering why Classic Complete Works did not include MM9 or 10... it's because the book was a localization of an artbook from Japan, which was created before 9 or 10.

    It's not really something to wonder about.

  16. And I mean it's NOT garbage. Thought people would interpret my comment as if I consider it as garbage which I don't actually.

  17. Y'See, This is why we can't have Nice Things.
    When you are given something, You want another, when you want another, you want yet another.

    Christ, Make up your damn mind.

  18. Why the hell people want a Legends complete works before Legends 3 is released is really beyond me

  19. @Alilatias

    Uh... Hate to burst your bubble, but i asked the Admin at Capcom Unity about Star Force 3 being the end of the Star Force series and here is what he said:

    The team is busy with Legends 3 right now but I will pass this request on.

    Be sure to talk about it in the forums and see if other fans have any suggestions, etc. for storylines, characters, etc.

    If the Legends 3 project is any idication, we will want the fans to help us with other Mega Man sequels :)

    Have fun.

    They're busy with Legends 3. But once they finish it for the 3DS, I bet they're gonna work on other MegaMan sequels including Star Force 4.

    So there's still hope for the Star Force series dispite its ups and downs. But then again, that's my opioion.

  20. Great! A collection of all the Battle Network designs and artwork that I love so much.... OH, WAIT!....

  21. Hahaha. More holier-than-thou Legends fans. At this point, I DON'T feel sorry for them for having to wait 10 years for Legends 3 -anymore-.

    I'd like for Legends to get an Official Complete Works now, though. :)

  22. @Megamem, Volnutt, anon#8: We did get a complete works for legends, it just wasn't called "complete works". Does "Capcom Special Selection" ring any bells? Remember, the Dash 2 Art Book and mini CD soundtrack? Also, Legends is getting a sequel, and yet that's not considered getting its due? A localized release of Megamix & Gigamix, an American made comic book adaptation, and a tribute artbook don't count as "good Megaman stuff"? Explain those things to me and then I'll find your complaints believable.

  23. *facepalm* Cut it out please, Legends fanboys. I want a Legends Complete Works too, but that's not a reason to start bashing EXE and Starforce. They weren't terrible games just because they were different from the original formula despite what some of you seem to think. :D

    And I'm glad there's finally a set release date because the constant delays are getting on my nerves. >_>

  24. Why am I not surprised that the fanbrats only posted here just to bash on EXE and SSR?

    Oh wait, this IS the North American Megaman fanbase..... -__-;

    While I do look forward to this Complete Works, I'm holding more onto the wait for the Shooting Star Complete Works. Most of the artwork I wanted to see in the EXE one (GAR Netto, EXE Phantom artwork, etc.) I've found scans of a while back.

    Plus, it'd be nice to find the SSR one for a price that isn't in the $50s. >_>

  25. @ All Legends fans bashing BNOCW:

    What the hell's your problem? You just got a game being created after 10 YEARS of waiting, and yet you decide to bash on BN because its OCW is coming out before Legends's OCW?

    (Not only that, but you're focusing more attention on THIS ARTICLE than on actually helping the DevRoom to make your precious MML3 game. Seriously?)

    How about you all go sit and have a group therapy session to fume about this instead of posting your angst on here for everyone to see, or just drop it entirely like a right-minded person would?

  26. @Amir

    Everyone has their own opioions, that's what people are. Even facts are opioions. The fact that it's the NA MegaMan fanbase's fault MegaMan franchise may or may not be failing, an opioion. Facts are still opioions.

    So some people don't like Battle Network or Star Force, they're still human beings and they are entitled to their own opioion. Trolling? A sign of people violently showing their own opioions on things that they may or may not like.

    In my honest opioion, the NA MegaMan fanbase shouldn't be treated like garbage.

  27. I'm going to place an order for this book, along with a copy of Mega Man X: Complete Works & Darkstalkers: Tribute.

    I played and loved the first three Battle Network games, but I never had the chance to check out the others. I'm hoping that Capcom will release all six games (as a collection) on the upcoming Nintendo 3DS.

  28. There's one rather hilarious thing about this.

    I'm not sure if the Legends fans are even remotely aware of this yet, but with Legends 3 being on the 3DS, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to theorize that the success of Legends 3 may ultimately boil down to whether or not members of the EXE/SSR fanbases decide to jump on board.

    I'd be freaking careful about trolling EXE/SSR-related articles if I were a Legends fan. This goes double for the Japanese side, in which admittedly, I have no idea what's going on over there.

  29. @Alitalis:

    Funny thing about it all. Every Japanese board I've been to for a Rockman community is the opposite than an NA board.

    When I keep saying that NA Megaman fans majority are stupid, I'm not saying it to troll. It's places like here that prove my point on so many levels.

    Hell, with the EXE-SSR case, a new SSR is the biggest demand over there. Especially one for 3DS. I kid you not.

    Heck, notice how the Network-Star games were best sellers in Japan, yet all the other stuff tends to be decent sales. (excluding EXE OSS, which had a bad release time, btw, being overshadowed by a few big names)

    I just find it funny how Legends fans are now joining the EXE-SSR hate bandwagon, when the Dash games were in the hate-dom as well for the past 10 or so years.
    So yeah, Legends fans... Shut the fuck up.

  30. @Amir:

    Well said. *claps* So the Japanese fanbase really likes their Rockman.EXE/Starforce? I guess that's why they're the only two series with any kind of animated version aside from a bit of Classic... ;P

    People here are really giving off a "They Changed It, Now It Sucks" vibe, and maybe that would hold water if the games actually were bad, but they aren't. A little on the repetitive side, sure, but not more so than, say, Megaman Classic. I never got a chance to play the StarForce games on the DS, but I liked the Rockman.EXE series and, hey, it's what got me into Megaman in general, and I find that to be a good thing~

    I wonder how many of you that bash the EXE/SF series have actually helped out with creating your precious Legends 3 game...?

  31. Say, Amir. You seem to know quite a bit about the Japanese community. Would you recommend any sites that I can browse through to get a feeling of what the Japanese general Rockman community is like?

    If there's one thing I hated this past year, it's that just about everyone on the English side of the MvC3 hype train was running completely blind, regarding the activities of the Japanese side. This was made especially apparent during TGS and Jump Festa.

    (It's also the reason why that Tokirisan twitter trolling fraud managed to effectively use the language barrier to spread lies among the English side of the hype train - but that's another topic for another day.)

    I have a feeling that the Japanese side knew that no Rockman incarnations were in MvC3 long before we did...

  32. I think the saddest thing about all this is watching the fanbases of two underdog series slug it out and threaten each other so vehemently. Its pretty pathetic.

  33. Honestly, I mostly just check places like 2ch, and a few others. It helps when the language barrier doesn't exist to me. XD

    No no, the "No Rockman" thing was equally as known.

    At around the same timeframe, both sides were notified, and both sides took it harshly.

    Actually, the Japanese boards took it WAY harder than us North Americans did.


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