Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mega Man 2 For iDevices On Sale

In honor of Verizon finally getting iPhone support, Capcom has dropped the price on a number of their games, including the mobile version of Mega Man 2. While it may not be the best port, it's certainly a nice on-the-go fix ... yours for only $.99.

Of course, this sale is for a limited time only, so if this version of MM2 is something of interest to you, I'd advise you go ahead and make the purchase ASAP. Also of note, don't be fooled by the iPhone hype; Mega Man 2 is also compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad.

It's worth noting that Mega Man 2 "i" has received a fair amount of flack in the past, but the game is growing increasingly more playable thanks to numerous updates. A lot of improvements have been made since its launch a couple years back, mostly in the mechanics department. It's not a perfect port but like I said, it's a good quick Mega Man fix.

Full sale details and more eligible games available at Capcom Unity


  1. Huh, I thought they weren't using Spaziante's art any more...

  2. Oh, hey, it is Spaz's art. Didn't notice that!

  3. Wow. Exactly how many times are they going to rerelease this game, exactly?

  4. It's too bad this iPhone version is...

    not that good. XD

    It doesn't even have support with multi-tasking, GameCenter/OpenFeint, or any of the nice things all of Capcom's other iOS games. Even Ace Attorney got fixed up a lot with the newer updates.

  5. @Axem
    The same amount of times 'Over 9000!' has been used

  6. This game is a disappointment. They didnt released 1,3,4,5, and 6 at all. I am not going to waste my money on this one. NO THANKS, CAPCOM!

  7. @Axem White: This had already been released. They're just announcing a price cut.

  8. Protodude> Indeed; it and others had been ganked from our interview with him some time ago, and spread all over the internet uncredited. :P It eventually got to the point where Capcom Mobile used it once or twice without even knowing the difference. :P


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