Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kotobukiya Blues Video Review

My good pal Protoman has posted a rather insightful video review for the newly released Blues model from Kotobukiya, covering largely everything you'd ever want to know the model. The video also doubles a nice, extensive retrospective of past Proto Man/Blues figures, comparing the current model to toys long ago. How does it stack up against the classics? Watch and find out.

Speaking of Kotobukiya Blues, don't forget to enter The Mega Man Network's Valentine's Day Blues contest! All you gotta do is design a Valentine's Day card worthy of melting staffer Tabby's heart, and you could win a free Kotobukiya Blues model kit. Hit up the link for the full details!

Thanks, Protoman


  1. Wow that's awesome I didn't think those Bandai kits would ever be knocked down of the best looking Mega Man/Rock Man figures(not for awhile anyway). Can't wait for May a local store of mine will be getting these in (the English versions). Amazing

  2. I cringed when he said "Bass" at 4:10.

    Informative video, nonetheless!

  3. This is awesome and everything but what about my Forte figure Kotobukiya?


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