Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Most Peculiar Bubble Man Glitch

Nearly 22 years after its release, people are still finding glitches in Mega Man 2. Case in point, this "sudden death" game breaking glitch.  The glitch is activated when Mega Man and Bubble Man die simulanteously. In the following video example, a stray Buster shot takes out Bubble Man, while Mega Man meets his demise by the spiked ceiling. What happense after that? Find out below...

Upon re-spawn, you're pretty much invulnerable. The source of the video, BubblemanNsider, speculates the following:

"When a robot master's life is 0, invincibility is activated on the player, unlike in Mega Man (1) where you could die by a leftover projectile, but since invincibility was activated, it won't turn off until you get to the "get weapon" screen or start another stage. I'm not sure if this can be done on other versions of Mega Man 2, this is the NES version."

The glitch is present in both the legitimate NES cartridge and emulation. Doubtful this trick works with other Robot Masters (Bubble Man is the only one with one-hit-kill obstacles in his room), but it's worth investigating.

Thanks, @RockmanPR


  1. Heh, I love stuff like this. Although it's not as funny when you get errors like this when programming a game, it's a huge bug often caused by just 1 line of misplaced code, not always easy to find.

  2. interesting. I recall something like this happening to me before.

  3. I've had the "similtaneous death" glitch happen to me before, but not that second one. That's new to me.

  4. @Protodude: RockmanPR and BubblemanNsider are the same person. :)

    I wonder if it also works on Mecha-Dragon and Alien Wily...

  5. Hah, good stuff. I love that people are still finding out new glitches in Mega Man 2. Or any Mega Man game, really.

  6. I found out this long ago.
    If you curious about some neat Megaman glitches, I recommend these:



  7. I just played this the night before last.
    Metal Man and I killed each other at the same time, but Mega's explosion animation didn't get terribly far. (A couple frames in?) So, it wasn't very large, how it usually takes up the screen. Then he warped on it, to my surprise.


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