Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Mega Man Can't Beat Air Man"

KurkoBoltsi's rendition of the ever-popular Mega Man versus Air Man trope is a true sight to behold... even if you're sick to death of the meme.

Well, it's really no wonder why he can't beat him; the bot's a rampaging behemoth of Mobile Suit proportions!

In all seriousness, this is a great piece of work... well worthy of a spot within the pages of Mega Man Tribute. KurkoBoltsi has high hopes his piece will go on to be featured in the forthcoming art book, and I really can't see why not.

I do apologize for slacking off on the Mega Man Tribute submissions... but no more. Should something of equal awesomeness come my way, I'll be sure to feature it.

Source: Rampaged Reality


  1. Yeah, Air Man is very Quebeley-looking. Awesome work, though.

  2. That is a GREAT Mega vs AirMan piece...

    But I wonder, when all is done and artists win a spot in the art book, i think it's a good idea not to post in here or other places about whether you're in the book or not. the winners might get haters like people who worked so hard on there work only to not be selected. i dunno, that's just me. What does everyone else think?

  3. I kinda hope Matt or Ash are reading this, but bouncing off of also-anon's point:

    A lot of people have been confused whether or not they are allowed to post their full pic right now, or if they do, will they automatically be disqualified? It seems that many have heard varying things.

    The rules were worded kinda poorly, but essentially if "winning submissions" are "recommended" to be kept under wraps until Comic Con, then that means nobody should be posting their full artwork from now until at least early March. But sneak peeks have been OK from my understanding. I've seen tons of people panic and pull their art over the last month. And yet others like this person post the whole thing anyhow.

    It even seems sorta hypocritical and more confusing when UDON crew members like Genzoman post their art, because we know they'll be in it, but shouldn't their stuff mostly be kept under wraps, too?

    Don't mean to sound whiny about it, because I truly love seeing them all, but I think a lot of people would like some official explanation to alleviate the confusion.

    Sure, it'd be nice to feature the art here, Protodude, but is it going to cost these people their shot at making it in the book with added exposure?

  4. I never understood this meme about Air Man. Could someone explain it to me?

  5. That's something I haven't fully considered. Hm..

    I'll have to sleep on this one. I'd feel terrible if publicity (of any sort) would ruin anyone's chances of getting in.

  6. It seems like also-anon was talking about posting whether or not we post comments like "I made it in!" or "I didn't make it, it sucks" or something like that?

    These might trigger feelings of jealousy for those who don't have their art selected for the art book.

    Or, I might be wrong...

    But Rock Miyabi brings up a great point too. The whole "sneak peek" thing would SEEM clear, but it actually needs more clarification now that this post came up.

    Sorry if this is a bother... u_u

  7. I see the thought behind "lets keep it quiet so we dont hurt anyone's feelings." It's a well intentioned and courteous idea, but I disagree.

    If someone's art was good enough to be chosen, they should totally say so! It takes a lot of work to make a piece like the Airman one here, especially for no pay!

    Just don't gloat. That's uncalled for.

  8. @ alyssaw.
    you were spot on. that exactly what i worried about.

    @rock miyabi
    but you also brought up a good point. i thought it was funny (not ha ha funny but you kno) that a whole picture for the artbook was shown.

    okay yeah, your right about that people work really hard on this for no money and want to show it and be recognizd... as long as theyre not lik an asshoe about it. people can b sensitive

    there can be separate post about those who want to comment an say if theyre in or not, for those brave. If no one wants to see, don't read post about it, ignore it. wish evryone good luck and its not end of the world if you didn't get in.


  9. Holy..... WHOA!!!! The details, the art, it's just..... WOW!

  10. I'm LOVING this AIRMAN!... Hmmmmmm.....

    Does the image fit the 8.5x11 inch ratio? Because if it doesn't, then it's really too bad if it were to be disqualified. The MMT page was clear about the size and portrait shape.

    "Art that does not follow these rules..." It's right on the page. In red.

    Dang it.

  11. Hope this whole matter of staying incognito isn't going to be a problem.
    I would see the problem of beating Air Man. This artwork looks good, I like the light colors & action going on. Makes me wish I had buckled down and submitted something myself.

  12. Hey. yeah! Just WAIT a minute!

    According to the Capcom Unity Blog post on January 21 2011 (page 12 of the blog now), the art in the middle of the first group of teasers was by an artist who was from Deviant Art! (teaser on January 24 on Capcom Unity blog, also first post on January 31 on this blog.)

    Not from Udon! What's up with that?! I could understand if the teasers were ALL from Udon, but one from DA??? The ENTIRE image??? And as superbly awesome this art with AirMan is (especially since he's my favorite Robot Master, wow!), I also see that it looks longer than 11 inches (8.5x11 size)! A bit long. Good eyes, anon under ZeroX_Syaoran.

    But, surely!... they can still fit the image into a page of the art book, hopefully... right? Because it's TOO GOOD NOT TO BE IN THE BOOK! I would get the book to see this artwork in very good resolution!

    Admiration aside...we need explanations for why these sneak peeks of entire images are allowed. It's not funny.

  13. Augh, I'm angry Battle Network was excluded.

    Before the EXE haters jump on me, it's because I absolutely love all the art from this tribute. It's sad not to see the other series included in the love.

  14. MUST. BUY. BOOK.



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