Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Devroom News Roundup (Update)

Three No, four bits of tantalizing news from the Mega Man Legends 3, tonight. For the sake of convenience, it's all been rounded up into one post!

First up, a rocket progress update. February is upon us, and that means another increment in the "Save Mega Man Rocket Project." This month the rocket is now at 13% complete, a slight bump from January's 11%. Coinciding with the update, a new progress report by Servbot numbers 1, 26 and 38, and a brand spanking new piece of artwork (pictured). 

Second update: a new Heroine progress report. Sound production member Yamanaka-san discusses mostly about the trials and tribulations of ADR, the different types of scripts produced for the game,  and even showed off a sneak peek at the localized English script.

UPDATE: Make that four bits of Devroom news! Capcom Japan has posted a neat 3D model viewer of Aero, which you can play around with here.  It's pretty neat despite the lack of shading and noticeable clipping.

Finally, the devroom's main lady, Kinako, revealed the staff members have chosen the winning Reaverbot designs. Unfortunately, you'll be waiting until Monday, February 14th for those results! The good news is the staff loved each and every design... but there can only be so many winners.

Best of luck to those who entered. Stay tuned and keep those fingers crossed!


  1. Ahhh, why do we have to wait until Monday... the suspense is horrendous! I thought I had a really cool and unique design this time since we had a lot less suggested to us (last time we had a lot of little bits and pieces to work off of which kinda limited me conceptually, but did help come up with a design faster, at leaster). Even being a runner up would be so cool.

  2. The Aero model is awesome, considering it's still pre-game development.

    Though it may look a bit unpolished (shaders and clippings come to mind), it's still awesome.

  3. Well, at least they finally gave a reason as to why they wanted to change Aero's name.
    This bit: ''as well as Director Eguchi’s desire to keep the two versions as similar as possible.'' also made me feel more comfortable :)

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  5. Wow! It's like they're doing everything in their power to make sure that a Rockman Dash Complete Works Art Book comes to fruition.

    The big news I'm waiting for is the moment they announce the addition of a tiny trash can on the deck of the Gesellschaft that always has 50 zenny in it. Or maybe I'll get to find out what color the walls of Prof. Barrell's room are going to be.(*GLEE*)

    Hoo Boy! When they finally break those details to the public it'll really make my day!

  6. Thank you Dark Mark, I was going to see if it was possible to get those, but you were way ahead of me!

  7. You're welcome, Skaarg :)
    By the way, the model is quite impressive!

  8. Holy "Aero-Go-Round" Dark Mark! Thank you very much for such an awesome discovery!!

    Not only is that the mesh for Aero, but it also has the geometry skinned to the skeleton (joints)!

    In simple English, you can create all sorts of different poses for her by rotating the joints! :D

  9. I just noticed Aero is doing the Capcom Hand double handed.

  10. Hi Protodude. If you're reading this, could you please delete it and my previous comment?

    After some consideration, I have decided against encouraging people to download these Character assets in case it may do some harm to Capcom.

    Sorry for any inconvenienced caused and many thanks.


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