Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Want Mega Man In Marvel Vs Capcom 3? It's Time To Make Your Voice Heard

It really goes with out saying, but the lack of any Mega Man incarnation in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 came as a huge, huge surprise. For a character so closely associated with the Capcom brand, his absence is truly unsettling. Thankfully, we can change that. Maybe.

Beginning earlier this week, the Capcom Unity forums have begun accepting character suggestions for upcoming DLC.  Users can vote on a total of five characters for Capcom and Marvel until February 28th. The thread(s) lock during the night, so if you want to speak up you've got to do so during the day.

You're free to suggest any characters that you want, not just Mega Man. However seeing that he is one of if not the most demanded character on the Capcom side, it couldn't hurt to toss him a vote.

This is a massive effort being fueled solely by the fanbase with hundreds upon hundreds of individuals participating. Join in on the action here! (and be sure to read the rules)

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  1. Nice, thanks for the link. I've been wanting to put my two cents in for Mega Man and Strider ever since I found out they weren't on the roster.

  2. awesome! I am going to vote for classic megaman, classic bass and strider.

  3. I hate to burst some bubbles, but I highly believe this poll has zero bearing on future DLC characters. It's probably more for a hypothetical Super MvC3.

    I say this because hackers have been able to decrypt character files on the disc to not only make Jill and Shuma-Gorath playable, but also reveal filenames for Frank West and Dr. Octopus.

  4. Vote for X! VOTE FOR X! :D

    Steven -

    Why would Jill, Shuma-Gorath, Frank, and Dr. Octopus being DLC prevent other characters from also being DLC? Capcom's said for awhile now that they would be supporting MvC 3 after release with additional characters. They wouldn't be holding this poll if they had no more DLC plans whatsoever or if the only DLC there was was set in stone. That just doesn't make sense. It's a lot of time and energy spent on nothing.

    Furthermore, the leftover files for Frank and Dr. Octopus could just as easily be leftover files from before they were scrapped -- we know for a fact that Frank was worked on at one point and then later scrapped. They may have nothing to do with DLC -- especially Dr. Octopus, who has had nothing said about him until the file discoveries.

  5. Already sent my votes for Mega Man and Phoenic Wright!

  6. Doc Ock? Hell yeah! Time to squash the opponents like a spider... wait, that's what Galactus does.

  7. @Ash
    Yeah it's not set in stone, you're right. But if we're basing this solely off of the amount of character spots on the select screen, there's only room for 4, and there are 4 extra names from the "retail roster" on the disc. Capcom says the DLC is not set in stone, but they also said Sentinel didn't make the cut a week before his official reveal. Anyone familiar with some of the Capcom producers like Ono and Niitsuma (and especially Inafune) know how much of a troll they are.

    Sure, Capcom can extend the select screen if they want, but to add a row would automatically add 6 more slots, or 8 for a column. I highly doubt Capcom is going to support the game for 6-8 more characters (plus the 4 empty slots already on the screen), plus extra costumes for the 46-48 hypothetical characters... when they could release a Super MvC3, like they already pulled on SFIV.

    Don't get me wrong. I'd love it if Capcom pushed another 6-8 characters in. But I don't see it happening via DLC. And if it did, the only way we're getting a Mega Man is if Capcom extends the select screen. Those two bottom spots are likely for Frank and Doc Ock.

  8. Yes! I'm going to vote for X, bass exe, and megaman zx (model zx)

  9. I have to go with Steven Chase, here.

    I am celebrating in how MvsC3 has been structured in adding a Simple Mode and how combos are easier to perform.

    However, Capcom's "Vote your Characters, etc." and other DLC has become a major sour point, a blemish, on the company.

    IF you do get these characters, it'll be in a future release of the game. And yes, it'll cost you twice the price for a fraction of the content.

  10. Anyone eh? I think I throw a vote towards a Pantheon.. or two.

  11. I should have probably added that, in my opinion and my opinion alone, based on Capcom's recent history with fighting games... This "vote for the DLC characters" poll is probably a "vote for the potential Super MVC3 roster" poll in disguise. (But no one would want to vote if they knew they'd have to rebuy the game...)

  12. I didn't vote for Megaman, sorry.
    But I did vote for EXE and Grey.

    PS: I hope I'm not the only one who voted for Firebrand. Capcom's side is a little lacking in non-human characters.

  13. The last page in the thread always seems to be invisible...

    I voted around the afternoon, page was invisible, so I can't tell if my post would be noticeable.

  14. Dan. Definitely Dan. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Capcom version, of course. Also, Juggernaut. Because Juggernaut is funny to me. ... Maybe Red Arremer. Definitely Arcade or Mojo. Why the hell not? This game could use more silly-yet-bad ass characters.

  15. I've been counting the votes so far (I'm currently on vote 660), and so far, X has 227 votes. (Give or take 10. I'm giving myself an error rate of 10 votes in either direction.) Obviously I'm nowhere close and the poll goes down at night so the mods can make sure people don't cheat, but he's been holding steady at 1/3rd of all votes the entire count, so I gotta imagine that trend will continue as I continue my count.

    That's one THIRD of all people voting are giving X a nod. Lots of people making brand new accounts just to vote too, like me.. Out of all Mega Man characters, I've been noticing X is the most often mentioned. Mega Man is a close second (I've counted about 170 for him, not been so dedicated to him so my error rate has been higher for sure), and Mega Man EXE is along third rank I think.

    Furthermore, Japan has their own vote going on. Guess who came out on top, everybody.

    Shoryuken acts like the fact that X is a nobrainer, but honestly, I'm pleasantly shocked he came out on top in Japan, I really am. Wasn't expecting that one.

    Honestly, with 1/3rd the western vote and TOP OF THE LIST in Japan, I.. I just don't see how Capcom can ignore that. That's pretty loud-and-clear to me.

    I think it's just a matter of time before they announce him as DLC at this rate. Hopefully, that will happen. ^_^ And I will be a very happy fangirl and 70 or so dollars poorer.

  16. @Steven Chase -
    Well, I certainly can't say anything to disprove you -- you may very well be right. But really, no one knows anything concrete at this point about Capcom's DLC plans (how many + who + when), so I'm going with the obvious conclusion: that if they're going to the trouble of holding a huge fan poll to find out the most-wanted DLC characters, it will have an influence on who Capcom selects for DLC.

    I don't think it'll apply to a "Super MvC 3" down the line either because the Versus series has never seen incremental remixes and improvements like the regular Street Fighter games have. With Versus games, usually they just release it and that's it. MvC 3 is the first Versus game where they've ever had the chance to add characters via DLC (TvC doesn't count because of Nintendo's shoddy online structure), so there's no past precedent to go by here.

    So I can definitely see where you're coming from, but I'm just drawing a logical point and hoping I'm correct: that if Capcom wants to know who the fans want most for DLC, it's because they plan to do DLC characters according to fan wishes (at least to some degree). To that end, because X has already been the #1 most requested Capcom character in more than one Japanese poll and because he's already leading in the current official poll, I think he may really, truly have an honest chance at getting in. And as an X fan who's tired of X being so overlooked for years and years, it would be an INCREDIBLE thing indeed.

    Of course, Capcom does seem to have an irrational hatred for X, so all the fan pleading in the world might not make a difference if Capcom is just hell-hent on hating and ignoring him in favor of goddamn Zero.

  17. @Wolfshadow -
    I am beyond psyched and overjoyed at the outpouring of support and votes X is getting and has gotten in the past for being in MvC 3, and it makes me think (as you said) that when it comes time for Capcom to really decide who they're going to include for DLC, they really can't ignore the fact that X has consistently been at the top of every DLC poll and that fans are clamoring, begging, and yelling for him to be in the game. And the fact that they're even holding this poll at this point tells me that they're not interested in ignoring anything; quite the contrary, that they want to please the fans by finding out who the most-wanted characters are and implementing them... and X is at the top of that list for the majority of people.

    All of this makes me feel that X really, truly does have a very good chance at being announced as DLC in the future -- and what a long-awaited victory that would be for X (and not Zero, for once) fans.

    All I can say is this: if X is announced as DLC, I will buy the game five goddamn years ago. And fuck, not that they would, but if they wanted to charge several times the Microsoft Points/PSN money for X that they did the other DLC characters, they could and I'd still download him in a heartbeat.

    Gaaahh, so psyched at the possibility. I hope Capcom doesn't disappoint us again.

  18. No one gives other Megaman characters love. Boss Robots? Stardroids? Dr. Wily? I would love to have someone besides the main character in a fighting game. Metalman or Vile, anyone?

  19. I voted for Classic Mega Man. Though, I would be fine with X as well. As long as they leave out MM EXE, MMZX, and all that other nonsense.

    I hope to god that the Doc Ock thing is true. This game is in need of some Spidey character (no Venom please).

    What doesnt make sense is that Spidey and Mega Man are the flagship characters for each company yet have the least amount of characters in this game.

  20. Why so many people want Phoenix Wright to be playable? Unlike Frank West and other humans, he has no fighting skills:


    I can only see him playable if he works with other character(s) as a team, like Captain Commando in the previous games.

  21. Vote for X, everyone!

    Capcom said they won't include MegaMan, or X in this game, but now is the time to let them know we want MegaMan or X in MVC3 as DLC!

    Remember, vote for X!

  22. Black Cat and Squirrel Girl for Marvel

    SS Rockman and Yukimura for Capcom

  23. Oh yeah, bring Bass and tremble for the first time. It would be nice.


    *cue laugh track*

    But anyways, last I checked, Mega Man X is leading the DLC vote for the Capcom side, followed by Strider Hiyru and Phoenix Wright (for Marvel, it's Venom, Gambit, and Ghost "Punchy McGluedtohisbike" Rider).

  25. @TAG

    Oh yeah, X, Wright and Strider are in the lead for now. But when I checked Shoryken, I found no races of Star Force MegaMan, only Harp Note. Guess Star Force MegaMan didn't make it into that list on Shorken.

  26. @Anon -
    "MegaMan.EXE, ZX, and all that other nonsense?" Troll alert! Go be a dipshit somewhere else, thanks.

    @HeroManX -
    Capcom never said that they wouldn't put Mega Man or X in MvC 3, just that they didn't for the launch/on-disc roster. In fact, just recently they acknowledged the fact that Mega Man is highly-requested, and Niitsuma said in a Unity stream a few days ago that were any version of Mega Man to be made available as DLC, it would most likely be X.


  28. @Ash Paulsen: ^___________^ It's so nice to find a fellow X fan around here... I seriously wonder if we're a dying breed. Was that you on the radio show on MMN? If so, I agree with you; giving Zero X's colors was rubbing salt into a very sore open wound that's been open for years now. T___T I too, am sick of the favortism over Zero and do not understand Capcom's hate for X either!! Granted, I want Zero in any X game, you can't have one without the other, but.. X is my favorite, always will be. (Otakon last year was glorious, FINALLY saw a good X cosplayer.. .. was a girl, but she was good.)


    And yes, I've been so excited about this (and amazed; I always thought X was hated so much, given the treatment he's received) that the out pour of support for him just.. it finally makes me feel validated for being an X fangirl. LOL, on my vote, I told Capcom "Not only will I buy the game (because I will not unless he's announced), I will buy *all* DLC characters just to show my support! (After I DL X, of course.)"

    They better not half-ass it either!! If X gets in, he should get an intro movie, an ending, and everything else! No bullshit like X8 and the girls not having an ending or dialog when fighting Mavericks! T_____T

  29. "I agree with you; giving Zero X's colors was rubbing salt into a very sore open wound that's been open for years now."

    Boy, do I know the feeling. That's exactly how I felt when Bass was left out of Mega Man 9, and his blueprints were slapped in the ending.

    Anyway, to stay on topic... It would be nice to see Classic Mega Man in the game, but I think it's X's turn to get the spotlight this time, so...I'll be voting for him when the time comes.

  30. suPersonally I wouldn't mind seeing Enker Punk and Ballade thrown into the game along with Megaman, but that's just me

  31. I voted for Classic MegaMan, but had I known X was leading he'd have gotten my vote. If he gets in, that'd be awesome.

    The rest of my votes are all kinda throwaways.

    Lady from DMC3 (Because I'd rather play as her then Trish)
    Sigma (Man that'd be awesome)
    MegaMan Juno (I'm probably one of his few if not only fans)

    And Ryu from Breath of Fire 3, because dang it that'd be FREAKING AWESOME.

  32. Ok so I had to vote for Classic Mega Man because he's been my favorite for as long as I can remember. I was conscious of the fact that X was leading from Capcom, and honestly as someone stated above, I really think X deserves the spotlight. I don't have anything against X at all. I just had to vote for Classic MM!

    Videomaster21xx!!! Thank you!

    The other capcom characters I voted for were Ryu from Breath of fire 3, Myria from Bof3, and Faerie from Bof 3 hahahaa. I think Faerie would be adorable!! Hey they did the whole servebot thing for part 2 so why not her??

    But yeah, next to Classic MM Breath of Fire 3 characters are a huge wish of mine. I know this wish will probably never be realized but I had to vote for them. Let's hope X or Classic MM get in!!!

  33. I vote X and/or Classic Mega Man (if possible) in Arika style in order to fitting him in dark environment both in the game and comics.

    I also vote Strider for everyone, even though they scrapped him because of lack of storylines which this is no longer an obstacle, since there is no a Story Mode, which Capcom once told us before its release.

    Has anyone have the same thoughts as me?

  34. @ash paulsen:
    I feel your pain, Mega Man X never gets the spotlight since classic generally fills the role of "Mega Man incarnation rep" and Zero fills the role of "X rep", leaving X no chance. Classic would give more series diversity, but with Chris/Wesker/Jill all from RE1/5, I could care less about series diversity when it comes to Mega Man.

    Lol I voted for Ryu from Breath of Fire as well (though not specifically from III, although in retrospect I should've). On the other hand, I am absolutely, positively sure he will not get in, simply because his name is freakin Ryu, but I thought it'd be nice to at least give him some rep.

  35. Yay! I finally cast my votes a couple days ago. It's more or less the same as I said earlier, but with one minor change:
    Marvel: Juggernaut, Arcade, Mojo
    Capcom: Red Arremer, Dan Hibiki, Katt (Breath of Fire II)


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