Thursday, February 3, 2011

Legends 3 Community Event 5: Town Easter Egg

Now THIS is the event I personally have been waiting for. If you loved kicking the can in Legends 1 or punting that duck in Legends 2, this new event is for you!

Dubbed the Town Easter Egg event, it's your job to come up with some kind of funny, goofy gimmick Mega Man Volnutt can indulge in during his travels to Teomo City. For example:

  • Based on a dialogue selection you make, a certain junkshop owner will consistently refer to Mega Man as “Hippopotamus” throughout the game!
  • After recovering the stolen money from a bank robbery, you can just pocket it! But Mega Man will turn completely black!
  • If you kick Roll, it affects what she writes about in her diary!

Capcom's looking for those kinds of ideas. This is a very open-ended event, so you're pretty much free to think up of anything... but it has to be somewhat rational. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some pondering to do.

Hop on over to the Devroom for complete rules and guidelines


  1. Kick Roll?!? Who would dare!?!

  2. ^
    Me. I hope that's what happens. =D

  3. "After recovering the stolen money from a bank robbery, you can just pocket it! But Mega Man will turn completely black!"

    Okay, now that's racist. As an African American, I'm pretty offended by this.

  4. ^
    I do hope you're kidding. This is something that actually happens; he doesn't turn black, really, his color scheme becomes dark implying an evil Mega Man.

  5. @Anoymous:

    Ah, I see. I haven't played the game in nearly eight years and I didn't get very far when I did. My mistake.

  6. So when a winner is announced, will the Easter egg be announced for all to know? ‘Cause that would really negate the cause of the event.

  7. I agree with ZeroX, Easter Eggs are supposed to be hidden until someone discovers it by chance and reports of it...

  8. If the easter egg was announced, They wouldnt give out all the info. Such as were to find it, what you have to do, what it looks like, etc. At the most, they'll tell us if it happens before the point of no return.

  9. Actually, even if they don't explain what it is...

    They would probably announce the names of the winners, then people would be looking up their posts and threads. It still won't be kept hidden.

  10. Seems odd they'd mention Hippopotamus and the bank robbery, but apparently outright deny anyone the chance to write exclusively silly dialog trees or sub-quests.

    But I guess those are so much of a given, they don't want to hear suggestions about that.


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