Friday, February 4, 2011

Ian Flynn Talks Archie's Mega Man

Newsarama had some time to sit down and chat with Mega Man comic writer Ian Flynn, recently. The interview reveals a few new details about the on-going comic's plot, characters, aspirations and a whole lot more.

I've pulled out a small portion of interest below, but for the full read, you'll have to hop on over to Newsarama.

Nrama: Ian, there have been a lot of Mega Man games over the years. How does the new comic tie into that continuity? And does it have anything to do with existing Japanese manga that featured the characters?

Ian Flynn: Mega Man will be looking strictly at the classic series for now. We’ll be telling the stories of Rock, A.K.A. Mega Man, in his never-ending battle with Dr. Wily. We’re hoping to be as faithful to the classic series as possible and including the events from more than just the main Mega Man 1-10 games. Since Hitoshi Ariga’s Mega Man Megamix does similar, I’m sure there will be a few overlapping plot points in some of the arcs, but the two series aren’t connected in any way, aside from being about the Blue Bomber.

Ian has a whole lot more to say about the comic. Read the discussion in full at Newsarama!

Archie's Mega Man hits newsstands everywhere May 4th. Get your subscriptions here!


  1. Looks promising and that devil looks spiffy even while being attacked.

  2. Flynn's work in the Sonic comic is wonderful, and it really sounds like he cares about doing Mega Man right. He's in good hands -- I have faith.

    Better hands than Capcom's with this whole MvC 3 bullshit, that's for sure...

  3. The first issue is going to be an origin story? Unheard of!

  4. May 4th, huh? I'm definitely looking forward to that day. I'm expecting great things from this comic series. Here's hoping they won't disappoint.

  5. The art style looks gorgeous, I am dying to get my hands on the first issue but subscriptions are only available in canada and north america.

  6. One word: AWESOME-NESS.

    That's it.

  7. That picture right there is actually pretty damn good compared to one of the cover art featured here. I will now be part of the group looking forward to this.

  8. At least there's still SOME good news that pertains to the real MegaMan these days.

    On the plus side, with MegaMan X already in existence, there's no way they can pull that "25 years later" crap on this franchise.

  9. As lovely as this seems, I'd like to get my bit of fan-whine in: Where my X era comics at?!

    Right now all we have is Iwamoto, (which, admittedly, is a lot, but at present unavailable to English speakers), and an awesome chapter by Ariga. I wish he'd do more!

  10. Why do we need to see the events of the games, nearly exactly as they take place? I mean, can't we see more of the personal stuff?

    The characters are more than fighting machines and scientists. I don't know. Retelling what we already know seems kind of bland. :(

    I mean, if there -are- personal aspects, I'll be pleased. Can anyone detail me on that?

  11. Anon #3:
    Ian's said on his board that if the Classic series comic does well the possibilities are endless.


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