Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Mega Man Mania Revival Pitch

Ah, Mega Man Mania. It's hard to forget such a promising collection: all of the original Game Boy Mega Man titles, I-V, in a single cartridge, complete with newly added color pallets and extras.

As fate would have it, Mania wasn't meant to be. Originally announced in 2003, the anthology was met with a plethora of delays until the project was eventually canceled in 2006, due to a misplaced source code.

Though the project may be dead, the passion from the fans to see this baby green-lit remains, unwavering. Our pal Heat Man over at The Mega Man Network whipped up this truly inspiring pitch for a revived Mega Man Mania... a pitch that has gone so far to catch the eye of Capcom.

Heat Man's concept (above) calls for a complete graphical remake of all five titles, topped off with backwards compatible weaponry. In other words, "all of the powers from each game would be available for use in the other games in the collection." That alone sounds mighty awesome.

If the screenshots didn't make it obvious enough, the pitch was designed for the Nintendo 3DS. However, that's not to say the collection can't be done anywhere else. Still, the the reasoning behind the 3DS is pretty spot on:

"Also think it would be a particularly good game to have in the initial years of the Nintendo 3DS launch. Granted, this concept could work on any hardware, but coming from what were originally portable games I think it’s best suited for a portable system, and I would like to make some use of the additional touch screen. Furthermore, the 3DS lineup as we know it so far has very few games of a simpler, arcade nature. Therefore, a Mega Man Mania-type compilation could really stand out from the other numerous games for the 3DS, and appeal to people looking for a more classic, simple gaming experience. "

You can read up on the concept in full over at The Mega Man Network. I highly advise giving it a read if you're one who longs for a true blue Game Boy Mega Man collection.

You never know: if Capcom sees enough positive reception to this idea, perhaps a collection along these lines may finally come to fruition.

*do bear in mind this is a piece of fan-work. By no means does it reflect an official Capcom product


  1. I'm sold. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. DO EET, CAPCOM. 83

    Seriously Capcom, if this is made, I will forgive you for EVERYTHING you have done wrong so far. EVERYTHING.

  3. Heat Man's at it again, eh? Hell, I'm suprised capcom hasnt hired this dude yet, He's got some of the smartest megaman related ideas I've ever seen in my life. I support this 100%.

  4. Holy hell this looks sexy. I would buy it on day one, if it had those graphics.

  5. It's a PITCH KrazyMonkey by fans not Capcom, an idea, this won't actually happen.

    The 3DS can have older Game Boy games re-released like how the Wii has the Virtual Console, why should Capcom give this overly involved fan pitch and waste a lot of money when they can just re-release the five original Game Boy games?

    No really justify why Capcom would not want to save money here.

  6. I pitched this in a few times for the past week or so.

    Surprised it's taken so long to get posted here. :/

  7. @Anonymous #3:

    Oh, but didn't Capcom consider this idea, though? I highly doubt they would have gone out of their way to mention (and link to) it if they weren't planning on making it into a reality.

  8. That looks incredible!

  9. Well, as krazy said, I dont think capcoms the type to say they're thinking of a game, getting us hyped, only to let us down. They arent THAT dumb.

  10. "Well, as krazy said, I dont think capcoms the type to say they're thinking of a game, getting us hyped, only to let us down."

    And you people don't understand how public relations work, it isn't about actually DOING what you suggest you will it's about merely drumming up interest for whatever you actually do regardless of what it is. That's enough to whip people into a frenzy as you will note it has done so here in this very comment thread, crazy isn't it?

    Basic politics here people just applied to gaming corporations it isn't hard.

  11. I'd totally buy a MM Gameboy collection, ESPECIALLY if it looked like those mock pictures.

  12. There's going to be another Megaman 3DS revival pitch coming soon/eventually.

  13. @Anon 5
    I see no one going into a frenzy about this. All I see are people happy that this long forgotten game might be revived. If capcom goes back on this, They will have a lot of shit on their hands. That's like them announcing Megaman BattleNetwork 7, then announcing another game, completely forgetting they announced BN7.

  14. Wow, Capcom posted this on their blog, did they? Man, I hope this becomes a reality, then! Seriously, this is such an awesome idea that it HAS to be made!

  15. A remake would be awesome. The gameboy games were kinda clunky with Megaman being so huge on the screen and the levels being so small, doing something like this reminds me of the Wily Wars, that would be an awesome remake. If they have to do it from the ground up, they should make a Wily Tower kind of level as well.

  16. Looks like Heatman's taken a page from Gauntlet's theories on Rockman Mega World on this one with the whole "weapons from other games" thing. Still, it's not like it's been done before. Would be a neat feature to be sure. Because I'm mean, I'd personally do it as a "Beat this game to unlock Free Play mode" kind of thing were you'd have to beat, say, both Rockman World 2 and Rockman World 4 to be able to use Rockman World 2's weapons in Rockman World 4. (Not to mention use them from the very start of Rockman World 2.)

    Also, this is somewhat off-topic, but I just realized something. The unused Pharaoh boss from Rockman 4? It eventually ended up in Rockman World 5! I just now realized this because I saw that screenshot, but then thought, "Wait a minute. There was no Pharaoh boss in any of the Game Boy games...". And yet...there was! XD


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