Monday, February 22, 2010

Three Inch Mega Man Figures On The Way, Jazwares Pushing For More Retro Rotos

In a recent interview with Tompop, Jazware's Scott Levine spoke a little about the company's future plans with the Mega Man IP, specifically, mentioning their intentions of producing a line of 3 and 3.75'' figures and possibly finally producing those long lost Wave 2 Retro Rotos:

You remember the wave 2 Rotos, don't you? After the initial Retro Roto line, Jazwares planned on producing Rotos based off of Heat Man, Wood Man and Ice Man -- sadly, they were never released publicly, but hey, that might soon change!


  1. Amazing. I am so glad Jazwares is actually pushing for some new quality Mega-Merchandise. I would like nothing more than more Rotos on my shelves. Wood Man, Ice Man, Heat Man and maybe even that spectacular prototype Knight Man (that looked pretty damn finished to me.)Heck, I wish they made every RM into a figure! I can't wait to see whats cookin'. I wouldnt mind that Sigma figure they showed before too, lol.

  2. Tweeter, lol

    At any rate, might as well release wave 2 with MM10 causin' trouble! And make Tornado Man or Splash Woman one of them, or

  3. Is that Powerglove I hear?

  4. Nice. Hopefully the three-inchers will be better than their previous offerings.

    I heard their new three-inch Sonic stuff is pretty good though they apparently have balance issues due to Sonic's massive noggin.

  5. Anon1:

    Uh, been a few hours since I watched the vid, but it's either Powerglove or SnappleMan doing his usual shredding. I think it was SnappleMan's rendition of S&K's Boss Theme, someone correct me if I'm wrong; I have to have the sound on my laptop off in class.

  6. @MegaMac: There aren't all of them even in Japan, but it gets close:

  7. Protodude I cant see the movie you put in the middle of this post. Is it broken?


  8. Robostar:

    I re-embedded it, see if it works now.


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