Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mega Man 10 Dated For Europe

European Mega Man fans, rejoice. Hot on the heels of Nintendo Europe's Media Summit, Capcom revealed the release dates for Mega Man 10, and it's coming soon. Real soon.

The Wii version is first out the door, releasing on March 5. A week later, the PS3 version releases on March 11, followed by a March 31 release for the Xbox 360 version. Pretty much the same release dates as North America, but the European Wii version hits a few days later than the US (March 1).

Credit: Pure Nintendo


  1. DISGUSTING!! Look at this artwork poster.. It make me want to vomit! Geez.

    Good for Europe.. Europe rules!! Oh no.. Look at this artwork poster.. WHAT A UGLYYYYYYY!

  2. I feel bad for those guys having to wait 4 days, I barley made it though this week.

    Although I feel even worse for ps3 an xbox owners.

  3. Yep, looks like I was right about the game's European release date after all.

  4. Yeyyyy~

    I can't wait!!


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