Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Soft, Cuddly E-Tank

Capcom Japan plans on releasing an E-Tank themed cushion this March for 2,625 Yen, or roughly $28.00 USD. The pillow measures in at 30x30cm. Perfect cuddling size!

For the time being, they can only be purchased through E-Capcom. Hopefully, Capcom US will bring them our way...if not, there's always good 'ol Ebay!

[Rockman 10 Official Website]


  1. Watch, I bet you when they bring it here, they'll just put Mega Man on the front and with his name at the bottom. Doesn't that sound familiar?

  2. I can only predict that we europeans (or at least the dutch..) aren't gonna get any of the goodies, as usual. We never get anything :3 (apart from the games.. and even then we sometimes don't get some, like Starforce 3, had to import.)

  3. I feel your pain, Roy L. It's pretty much the same with Finland. If I ever want some goodies, I need to import.

    But seriously, I want that cushion.


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