Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gigamix Vol.2 Dated

Hitoshi Ariga announced on his blog today that Rockman Gigamix volume 2 will hit retailers on February 27th for 1,200 Yen ($13.47 USD).  As a followup to vol. 1, Gigamix 2 will depict new stories taking place within the classic series universe, and is said to feature fan-robot designs.

Ariga also voiced his intentions of including a couple of extra goodies like commentary and an interview with fellow author Yoshihiro Iwamoto of Rockman X manga fame.

More Gigamix updates are expected to appear on Ariga's official blog.

[Dark Messiah]


  1. New stories taking place within the Classic series, eh? I wonder if this means that they'll find a way to bridge the story gap between this and the X series somehow? If that happens, then maybe it'll put an end to people raging over the fact that the recent Mega Man games haven't done that.

  2. If you look at the back of Gigamix 1 it has hints for the stories that are upcoming.

    It features a silhouetted splash pic of the Stardroids and what looks like Wily's Castle rising out of the Cossack castle ruins.

    So probably MMV (Rockman World 5) and Megaman 4.

  3. I honestly don't see any "bridging of gaps" happening here, nor did I even get that impression from this information. Also, I can't say I understand why so many people are raging over Capcom not bridging the Classic series to the X series. If they ever did that, the Classic series would end, and I would be sad. I don't care if any of the other series end and have closure and whatnot, but the original series that started it all should never have a definitive end. I'd prefer it to be something that can go on forever. Something Capcom can always fall back on after a billion other Mega Man series are created.


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