Friday, February 26, 2010

Rockman Zero Collection Delayed

Citing "development reasons", Capcom Japan has chosen to postpone the release of Rockman Zero Collection, changing the April 22 release date to an undetermined, "TBA" date, according to a message at the game's official website:

Capcom apologizes for the inconvenience and will update the game's official site with a new release date as soon as a decision is made. No word if the delay will affect the English version (June 2010), but depressing news nonetheless. I'll keep you informed.

[Capcom JPN Support]


  1. You know, I don't think that's a bad thing. Maybe they're doing something special and need more time.

  2. Hope it doesn't end up like Mega Man Mania.

  3. lols leave it to capcom.
    They remake mvc2 without buttons.
    RE5 sucked
    Dark void is the shits
    Street fighter IV's online is basically unplayble on a ps3

    and now they can't even put 4 allready made games onto a fuck'n sd card.

    Oh capcom what has become of ye.

  4. Still hasn't shown up for pre-order on Amazon. I wonder how long it'll be.

  5. Maybe this will be their chance to actually add some kind of worthwhile bonses or additions? After all, I want to buy this game, but not if all it is is ports... I already have 1, 3, and 4. I can easily get 2 for cheap.

    Come on Capcom! sell me your product! Interest me!

  6. @Tayo: I was just thinking about that ''all-nighter'' we heard about a while back, about the remastered Zero music. Maybe they're having a little difficulty replacing the music in the game? (I know that music wasn't neccessarily for the game).

  7. depressing ? No problem. I can wait. Depressing is ridiculous word to use because it sound like its good bye or something.

  8. They will make Copy X, Original X, the big 4, Elpizo, Omega, Weil and Craft playable characters! XD
    But considering the cart will not have much space with so many bonuses (Z3 cards alone are worth it), they could at least add a palette swap to make Zero look like Omega.

  9. - I really hope it doesn't turn to the same way MegaManIA for GBA had.

  10. @Shayne

    You're just sounding like a stupid 360 fanboy, kid. SF4 is perfectly playable online for PS3. :3

    As for Zero Collection, I for one, am not even looking forward to it. Considering the Zero series never exactly had too many good songs to begin with, and considering EXE5DS had terrible remastered music (then again, all of EXE5's soundtrack was garbage at best, much like the entire game), I can't see this DS version having any better.


    ^ this.

  12. Hang on, if they're adding features, this might be a really good sign for the game as well as showing that they listen to the fans and feedback.

    Last thing they'd want is another OSS; game didn't sell because there wasn't enough new content.

    And frankly? An illustration mode?
    ...isn't that what RM/MMZOCW is for?

  13. Not necessarily [depressing]! Maybe this means they want to add to/amend some of the content. :3

    I have high hopes, maybe unfounded, for this.

  14. Cashcom´s motto; "We care about your fandom" muahahaha....

  15. Well I think thats ok I guess may be adding more cut scenes or animation or adding a quest for the four guardian of X there sub story gaiden....:)

  16. What they delay it, well theres Mega/Rockman 10 so we can wait for a while


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