Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mega Man 10 News Blowout: Weapons, Modes, Release Dates Revealed

Capcom's press room updated with a ton of Mega Man 10 information tonight, which reveals not only the game's official release date, but all eight Robot Master weapons and the low down on new modes.

First and foremost, the much anticipated release dates: Mega Man 10 will debut on Wii's WiiWare service first on March 1st, followed by a March 11th PlayStation Network release, and a March 31st release for the Xbox Live Arcade version.

Now onto the goodies: Robot Master weapons. Check em' out after the break...

Triple Blade You can fire tri-directional blades and attack multiple enemies at one time. There are two patterns: surface-to-air on the ground, and air-to-surface in mid-jump.

Commando Bomb
After launching the Commando Bomb, press up or down on the + Control Pad to make it turn at a 90 degree angle. The blast spreads horizontally (or vertically) and follows the contours of the landscape. This can be used to break through certain walls to get hidden items!

Wheel Cutter
Press the Attack Button once to attach the Wheel Cutter to your arm, and press the Attack Button again to launch it (it follows the contours of the landscape). You can launch it 3 times and it’s effective to attack enemies at a distance. You can attach the Wheel Cutter to your arm and dart at a distance. You can attach the Wheel Cutter to your arm and dart at enemies!

Thunder Wool
You can launch a thunder cloud that slowly rises and a lighting bolt shoots straight down from the cloud.

Solar Blaze
Splits apart and launches firebombs (left and right) after a set period of time. Effective when you are pinned between two enemies.

Chill Spike
Launch a freezing liquid which flies in a parabolic trajectory. An enemy hit by the freezing liquid will freeze and become unable to move.

Rebound Striker
You can throw a rubber super ball straight and diagonally up or down. As it gets faster and stronger with each successive bound, you can build up power and hit the target to inflict maximum damage!

Water Shield
A rotating shield of water surrounds Mega Man. Pressing the Attack Button once more deactivates the water shield and hurls high-speed drops of water that spiral outward.

Capcom also detailed two modes....

The “Mega Man Challenges” mode from MM9 has been upgraded! The Mega Man Challenges allows you to practice in stages by clearing various challenges and gives novice players a chance to master the basic controls before attempting the main story mode!Whether you are a novice or an expert, you can brush-up on your game and polish it to perfection!

Comparison between Easy Mode and Normal Mode!

Easy Mode is featured for people who gave up on MM9 or have not played an action game for a long time. In addition, this would be a perfect mode for people who aren’t used to traditional Mega Man difficulty and need a little assistance.

Well, that about does it for this info dump! Craving more MM10? You can check out a gallery's worth of new MM10 screenshots here


  1. Aww... I was hoping Rock would get a sword like the Flame Sword from 8. But It would be nice to see them in motion, as you can tell almost nothing from the screenshots. BTW Solar Man's weapon is in there twice.

  2. Blade Man's weapon reminds me of the Magma Bazooka. Eh, most weapons can relate to previous ones in one way or another, so it don't bother me. >_>

  3. NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO i have to wait until March 31st for the release in xbox.

  4. Doesn't Rebound Striker use the MM9 mystery sprite?

  5. - I guess I should buy a Wii. ^_^;; March 31st is... EVIL.

  6. I actually remember reading in GameInformer about a march release, but I don't think they specified the date.

  7. YES, YES! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It looks like the game IS coming out on March 1st, after all! I knew it would either be that day, or the eighth (which is only a week after it), but I'm glad to see that it's the former!

    On a side note, though... There's a weapon called "Solar Blaze". That's a pretty strange coincidence, considering the fact that it's one of my alternate usernames. o_O

  8. @Anonymous #2

    Yes, but that sprite has actually been around long before Mega Man 9. In fact, that sprite was used for the Rolling Cutter, Hyper Bomb, and Super Arm in Mega Man 1.

  9. YES! I'm so glad I can get this game on March 1st! That's so close! ^^

  10. I clicked the gallery, but then closed it so that the pictures don't affect what order bosses I pick.

    I really liked how MM9's weakness cycle was typically what you didn't expect.

  11. I can't be the only one who thought this:

  12. @Carda.

    Yeah that was the "original" concept for megaman battle network

  13. Wow! March 1st?! That is much, much earlier than I thought.

  14. Anyone know the Japanese release date?

  15. @Gospel

    In Japan, Shop Channel updates are on Tuesdays, and Mega Man 9 was released worldwide in one week. So, I think it's safe to assume that the same thing will happen with Mega Man 10, and it will come out on March 2, only one day after the U.S. release date.

  16. Why am I only the second person to see Pokemon Trainer Megaman in Rebound Striker?

  17. I like Mega Man’s color with the Chill Spike equipped! It’s not a color scheme we’ve often seen, even this far into the series.

    The most interesting special weapons so far to me are the Water Shield, Thunder Wool, and Wheel Cutter.

    GAH I AM SO EXCITED. This is exactly the Mega Man 10 news fix I needed!

  18. Yeah, I definitely share your entusiasm, MaverickHunterAshe. I've been looking forward to this game long before it was ever announced. In just seventeen more days, we'll finally have it.

  19. Digging the color on Chill Spike.

    Also, diagonal Rebounder?

  20. March 1st?! That s incredible news! I thought it was gonna be late March but this is much MUCH better.

  21. you got:
    Pokeball!!!! I mean... rebound striker.

  22. Who translated this?

    Also, boo on a bunch of boring so-called features.


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