Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bonus Goods For Gigamix Vol. 2

Purchasing Rockman Gigamix volume 2 at select retailers in Japan yields a special bonus in the form of limited edition postcards sporting exclusive art by Hitoshi Ariga.

Ordering the book from, customers will receive the following postcard featuring the Stardroids:

And for Tanomi Shop purchasers, a postcard which looks to feature a young Dr. Light and Wily:


Spiffy little bonuses, no? Sure to be collector's items one day, no doubt.


  1. Nice. It's very nice to see the stardroids finally getting some love here. These guys need to be in the spotlight more often.

  2. i thought this would be the quickest way to give you news so i just wanted to tell you capcom is giving out more MM9 press kits


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