Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Megamix Profile Of The Week - Wood Man

Courtesy of UDON Entertainment, here's a new Mega Man Megamix profile page. This week's featured Robot Master is none other than Mega Man 2's own Wood Man:
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  1. I like how Ariga explains away the relatively silly idea of a robot made of wood by saying he was built with camouflage in mind. I'm sorta surprised that never occurred to me.

    Is it worth mentioning they used "Ceramic Chitin" instead of "Ceramic Titanium?"

  2. @JDAManson

    Maybe that's why the leafs appear to be really light. Because it would be a polymer alloy, not a metal alloy like Ceratanium. Plus, chitin is found in mny places around nature. lol

    Also, that would also explain why Wood Man is still weak to Atomic Fire.

  3. Not, Ceramic Chitin is jsut a mistranslation of Ceramical Chitan, chitan meaning Titanium (as in the element). It's an understandable one, but I remember them talking about names before and I thought it was an ironic inconsistency...

  4. But chitin IS a polymer found in bugs and stuff...aww, screw it. There's no point in arguing =_=

  5. No you had it right. If I'm not mistaken, chitin is the material that makes up a insect's exoskeleton. It's suprisingly tough, and is a pretty good choice of material for WoodMan's Leaf Shield, since Titananium, ceramic or not, would be too heavy to be suspended in mid air, electromagnetic field or no.
    But really now, are we going to get into a debate of Ceratanium vs. Ceramic chitin? :\
    Speaking of WoodMan, my varification word is "apple." :3

  6. Ooh! Fun fact! Look what I dug up on Wiki's article for chitin:

    "Most recent studies point out that chitin is a good inducer for defense mechanisms in plants. It was recently tested as a fertilizer that can help plants develop healthy immune responses, and have a much better yield and life expectancy. The EPA regulates chitin for agricultural use. Chitosan is derived from chitin, which is used as a biocontrol elicitor in agriculture and horticulture."

    Really only the first sentence is significant, but I felt it would be better if I put the sentence in its proper context, to be fair.
    With this information in mind, it seems appropriate then that WoodMan's Leaf Shield, his primary form of defense (and a darn good one from what I've heard), would be made out of some form of chitin.
    Just my two cents. Again.
    (I got the article from Wikipedia's article on chitin. :P )

  7. Ah, maybe I'm wrong then. I knew chitin was something in insects, but I didn't know it was part of plants! Sorry if that's the case. I was pretty sure it has a mistranslation since Chitan vs. Chitin is a pretty honest mistake, since chitin would make sense as well.

    And to be fair, we don't really know how heavy Ceramical Titanium is-- after all, while HardMan is portrayed as super heavy and dense, MetalMan's Metal Blades are made out of the same thing and seem relatively light.

  8. The Japanese word for chitin, funnily enough, is "kichin." But Ariga wrote "chitan" which of course means titanium. It's a silly mix-up that almost makes sense, but that was not the author's original intent, thus it is an error. *Shrug*


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