Monday, February 15, 2010

Win A Free Copy Of Mega Man 10!

Want Mega Man 10? How about for free?  Well, then you might want to check out The Mega Man Network's latest contest where ten fans will be eligible to win a copy of the game for a console of their choosing! The details after the break...

"Mega Man 10 is coming. You want it. Why not win it? Because in honor of Mega Man 10’s release, you could be one of ten, yes, TEN people to win a copy of the game! And all you have to do is pass a quiz certifying your Mega Man mastery. If you’re up for the challenge (and really, it’s not THAT hard), then you could be a winner! Please be sure to read the conditions for entering and guidelines below, and then get crackin’ on that quiz!

Conditions for entering: THIS CONTEST IS ONLY OPEN TO RESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA. If you do not live in either of these countries, you are not eligible to enter. This is due to the regional settings of the game consoles Mega Man 10 will be available for. We are sorry for this limitation.
Contestants must have the desired system for Mega Man 10 as well as an internet connection in order to download Mega Man 10. Nintendo Wii owners will have the game gifted to them, and must provide their Wii name and friend code to receive the download. Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 owners will receive the game via a download passcode.  If for whatever reason we are unable to deliver the game via download, we will deliver money for the cost of the game via Paypal or mailed funds.

Prizes: Ten winners will receive a copy of Mega Man 10 on the console of their choice. Additionally, one of the ten winners will receive a special bonus prize. Details on this are below.

Objective: Due to the success of our previous Mega Man 9 contest, we aren’t going to fix what isn’t broken. We are again challenging you with a Mega Man knowledge quiz! But this time we’ve lengthened the quiz a little, and even thrown in question with audio and visual cues! If you’re a true Mega Man fan, you should be able to knock it out without breaking a sweat! However, there’s no shame in needing a little help too. If you’re uncertain about a question then you should definitely check out our Mega Man wiki, where you can find tons of background information on Mega Man characters and enemies. Another good place to look is YouTube, which has tons of Mega Man gameplay footage that may hold the answer you seek. I’d also recommend GameFAQs.

You must send us the answers to each of the quiz questions in an e-mail to titled “MEGA MAN 10 CONTEST.” Eligible entries may be received between the time of the contest’s start and midnight on February 24th, Pacific Standard Time. After the deadline, we will choose and grade entries randomly. Entries that have a perfect score will win a copy of Mega Man 10! Additionally, of the ten winning entries, the one whose answer to the final question is judged the best will receive a special bonus prize that is as of yet undetermined. "

Head on over to The Mega Man Network for full contests details, rules and regulations.


  1. Nah. The Megaman 10 is not expensive to purchase anyway. I will buy it if I want to. If it is worth 60 dollars wii artbox then I will want to win a free copy of Mega Man 10. It is being ridiculous for free copy of Mega Man 10 for under 10 dollars, lol. Very ridiculous. *GRIN*

  2. No thanks. I'll just wait two more weeks until the game gets released. I've already have the space, as well as the Wii Points that I've been saving for the past two months. I wouldn't want those to go to waste.

  3. dude all of the questions i got them right and i didnt even have to look up any info whoa awesome even the sounds i got right weird...

  4. Well I'd want to.. But I live in Holland/the Netherlands.. so..

  5. Can't enter since I'm not in the US but it's more like a lottery than a contest anyway. The questions are ridiculously easy, there's going to be at least a hundred people who get everything right.

  6. Ridiculously easy?

    I love and know a lot about Mega Man but you're telling me you knew Top Mans favorite activity by heart?

  7. It isn´t that hard, i´d have put more "son of a b$%&" questions.

  8. Yeah, I wouldn't call that quiz easy. There were some tough questions in there you could not possibly know by simply playing the games.


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