Monday, February 1, 2010

New Rockman Figures By Bandai (Updated)

Happinet Online is currently taking pre-orders for a set of new Bandai Rockman trading art figures. The product, "Super Model Spirit: Rockman Box", is a collection of 11 figures based off of characters from various series.  The lineup includes the following:
  • Rockman & Mettool A
  • Rockman & Mettool B
  • Roll
  • Forte A
  • Forte B
  • Blues
  • Rockman X
  • Zero (X series version)
  • Zero (Zero series version)
  • Air Man
  • Cut Man
(Note: the final figures will be painted; these are prototypes)
      Happinet anticipates a May release for the complete set at a cost of 8,190 Yen, or roughly $90.11 USD. Individual figures will also be sold separately, and will be much cheaper at ¥650 ($7.19 US) a pop.

      It's notable to mention that the boxed set may not contain each possible figure; you'll still get 11 figures, but maybe not one of every type available.

      Credit: CapKobun 

      (Updated: added a few additional details)


      1. Woah, that's quite a bit of money for some action figures.

      2. will you please post pics as they are available? :)

      3. Finally my oportunity to get a Bass action figure.

      4. Man, this sounds sweet! I think I'd like to see some pictures of these figures first, though, but man does this sound pretty cool!

      5. $90.11?! Please tell me that's the cost of all of them put together and not an individual price...

      6. I think $90 is a bit much, for any kinds of figures.

      7. Lol did anyone notice that the buster on bass's armes are on the left on the first figure and on the right on the there a fact to wich the wich one is the buster arm? Ive always thought the left would be the one with in mind on how yu use regular firearms(not guns) where the aiming and controlling is by the left arm

      8. They aren't pose able? What a rip.

      9. Not pose-able, probably tiny little figures for $90? No thanks

      10. Not pose-able, probably tiny little figures for $90? No thanks

      11. Want.
        Though it would be nice to see some better pictures.
        Regardless, I don't $90+ to drop on figures, no matter how awesome they are. :C

      12. @Devilus

        The usual case about the buster arms is that Inafune often, if always draws busters on the left hand. I guess he is left handed or ambidextrous or something. Any other art which isn't his, usually the later art has them using the right hands. Weird, but in-game they are seen using both arms, however I believe that is just a quick horizontal flip of the sprites to speed up production and fluidity. Though in PU and MHX, I believe if you are shooting and then turn without stopping, the same arm is used. Then it goes back to the horizontal flip of the model.

        As for these figures. They look pretty sweet. But they are also cost a pretty penny. I don't think I have close to 100 bucks to spare, lol. ^_^'

      13. Now the images of them are available.


        I'll be honest, I wouldn't pay more than $6 for these. >_>

      14. OK, so they can be bought individually at a much lower price? That's a relief. :)

      15. Awesome figures, rip-off in the sales. Not only does the boxset cost more, you're not even guaranteed one of each? WTC?

      16. I think I'd rather drop $100 down on that custom Vile figure. lol

      17. Alright people, let's quit complaining about price and do some simple math.

        Screw the box set, it's more expensive, you'll get duplicates, and you might not get everyone. So buy them individually. There are 11 figures and each one is $7.19. Then, consider that there are two Rockmen and two Fortes. So that makes nine unique characters. That's $64 to get one of every character, including both versions of Zero but not counting shipping.

        Considering the crap that's sold in toy stores today, $64 for nine great-looking, incredibly accurate figures is a decent price. Granted, we don't know how big they are, but I'd guess around 3-4 inches, which would still make it a reasonable price.

      18. @Bobert

        "great-looking, incredibly accurate figures is a decent price"

        I stopped reading when I saw this.

        These figures aren't any better looking than the grey-silver Dragon Ball Z figures that came in the Burger King toy line years ago.

        They're not even colored, the greyish shade they're using makes it look like they're made of carved rocks, most likely only 3 to 4 inches tall, and again, you're not guarenteed to get the characters you want.

        Like another user said earlier, I'd rather shell the cash out for those custom model kits, or just get something entirely different like Hollows Hunter Kenshiro:

        Or maybe even one of the SSR figures.

        Seriously, it's like the Japanese people KNOW that there's people dumb enough to pay top dollar for this garbage. -__-

      19. @Saito

        You may want to read the article. Those are prototypes, the finals will be painted.

      20. They're about 3-4 inches. Depending on how the finish product looks like, I might buy a few. Might.

        And it's ridicious on how the box set cost more than buying the individual figures and that you might not get all of them. That box the set comes with better be really nice!


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