Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rockman Candy Announced

Capcom, in a partnership with Japanese candy brand Sakuma Drops, intends on producing special Rockman-themed candy this Spring to commemorate Rockman 10's release:

The "Rockman Sakuma Drops" come in eight variates of flavor: melon, mint, orange, plum, pine, strawberry, lemon and apple -- the colors of which supposedly correspond with Rock's special weapons featured in RM10.  Oh, and best of all, the candy is said to help you "prepare for the Roboenza outbreak." Cute.

The product is scheduled to release March 6 for 350 Yen, or roughly $3.92 USD. Naturally, it's a limited time only deal, so this is likely to become a collector's item.

[GameBridge News] via CapKobun


  1. Sounds good but I don't think it's coming to America.

  2. Dammit, this is awesome.

  3. The total lack of Bass on any form of Rockman 10 or Mega Man 10 advertising makes me worry he's been left out of the story again...

  4. Same candy as seen in "Grave of the Fireflies." Seems to be popular in Japan. For me, they taste like ordinary hard candy, so I guess it's just the packaging...

  5. I've had the regular version of these. They're pretty tasty. I think this variation has a few different flavors.

  6. @MaverickHunterAsh

    Either Capcom has asked for him not to be shown on any public products, he is the third playable character but just a sprite swap DLC, or Keiji Inafune has become mentally retarded. Lets hope Bass, a now prominent character, isn't just disposed of like Lifesaver and Douglas for example (or hell, Dr. Cain even.)

  7. Looks tasty but every since i watched grave of the fireflies this type of candy makes me sad.

  8. MM11 will have SweetMan and DentistMan!

    Wily isn't present either, so Bass may appear in the game. If Bass isn't the 3rd playable character, he might be only a boss like MM7 and MM8.

    The 3rd playable character should be Dr. Light! XD

  9. @MaverickHunterAsh:

    You and me both, but then again, Proto Man was left out of Mega Man 9's cover art, and wasn't mentioned on the official site, even though he was in the game as a playable character and everything. Maybe it's the same case with Bass (no rhyme intended). I hope...

  10. Honestly, who gives a shit about Forte? -_-

    It's like you people get boners over the mere mention of his name or something. This makes Sephiroth fanboys look normal.

  11. @Saito

    ...Obviously, WE give a shit about him. Just because YOU don't like Bass, doesn't mean everyone else has to hate him, too. Honestly, is it hurting you in any way that people are looking for him to show in Mega Man 10, where you have to rage and flip out on people, for merely MENTIONING his name? If not, then shut up. This is at least the second time I've seen you do this, and quite frankly, I honestly couldn't care less what you think. I'm going to continue expressing my opinion on this matter, whether you like it or not, and nothing you say it going to change that.

  12. ...Whoops, I meant to say "is" in that last sentence. Times like this make me wish that it was possible to edit blog comments...

  13. @Saito.

    There is a clear difference between Bass and Sephiroth. You see, Sephiroth is highly overrated. He is the Darth Vader of video games. He has served his purpose thoroughly and yet people still hail him. Bass however is still a prominent character. The mark he has made is that he is here to stay. He even had a playable role in MM&B. To simply leave him out with no explanation is ludicrous. It would be like taking out one of the main characters in Lord of the Rings in a sequel, for example.

    ALSO, if anyone knows where some of these can be purchased over the web, I wouldn't mind having the tin, but also trying these flavorful looking candies lol.

  14. Its utterly amusing how everyone is flipping out over Bass. This is what we agreed to when we signed up for a rebooted 8 bit Megaman again. Deal with it. The same way SNES style X9 would have it's own sacrifices.

    I like him as much as the next guy, but he just doesnt fit in the 8 bit setting very well especially if he is to have SOME difference to Megaman and Protoman. Megaman works like in 1 and 2, and Proto works like Megaman did in 4. of course, we could say that Bass could work like Megaman did 5 and on, but that would be too easy, and Capcom obviously is trying their hardest to screw with us and not give us what we got in 5 and on. instead, the best we get, is Protoman, Megaman 4 style, with extra recoil and extra damage.

    Now, Maverick Hunter Ashe- All because he isnt on the tin and merchandise doesnt really mean much. After all, this third character is obviously worth teasing and trolling the whole fanbase with nonrelated Megaman 10 things, so obviously if Capcom isnt spilling the beans, why would they have it put on merchandise- yet?

  15. @Previous Anon: Don't ya mean "Candy Man"? *ba-dum tish*

    @Flame: Just so you know, I don't think Proto Man has double-recoil in this game (see the 22nd Bday Bash for proof), which is a relief 'cause he was a b**** to play as in MM9.

    Anyhoo, those sweets look yummeh!

  16. @Flame:

    You do have a valid point, but when Mega Man 9 was first revealed to the public as an 8-bit game, I had high hopes for it. I was really looking forward to seeing Bass and Treble make their debut in an 8-bit game, since they weren't in the six NES titles (or the Game Boy ones). However, due to the fact that the game was nothing more than a bunch of fanservice to Mega Man 2 fanatics, that didn't happen. It really sickens me how they didn't hesitate to put Proto Man in the game as a playable character without a story, but then they didn't want to do that for Bass. What's worse, is that the ending CLEARLY showed that they were MORE than capable of making Bass sprites in the 8-bit style.

    As for his differences to Mega Man and Proto Man, I don't see what would be wrong with giving him his same moveset from Mega Man & Bass. I'm pretty sure they could have easily pulled that one off, but they just chose not to.

  17. I dont remember if Metal and shadow Blade could go diagonally. Could it? If not, then that is how bass would play.
    I think ti did though, but that would never do, for a game like 9 and 10, which relies on a nerfed buster, (no charge shot, and another with the crappy 4 charge) a character that can easily shoot diagonally would be too broken. and plus it wouldnt fit in with their "Megaman 2" image theyre putting on.

  18. Bass only attacks diagonally and fast in MM&B. I don't remember his attacks in MM8, but he could be playable like the secret minigame from MM7 and the arcade games.


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