Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wonder Festival Showcase

Garage kit convention Wonder Festival kicked off in Japan today and as expect, there was an impressive assortment of Rockman-based models and figures. Presented after the break, a showcase of these lovely homemade creations.


X8 styled Rockman X

"Full-Action" Zero and X

Zakobon Trio

Deformation Art Pandora 

RMS Hidden Phantom

Cloaked Zero (Zero series)

Vinyl Yellow Devil
"Sakurai" Mayl

These would make great additions to anyone's collection, but alas, they're extremely hard to obtain if you aren't attending the event or don't have a lot of money to spend. Even if you do manage to obtain one of them, there's lots of assembly required...and painting. Lots and lots of painting.



  1. Want that Vava kit. Would make a great project for my blog.

  2. The classic Zero one is kinda.. meh, but the cloaked Zero and Phantom are awesome ;_; why can't stuff like this be made for us fans (for cheap..) The Jazwares figures weren't nearly this cool.

    And there was no love for the Generals.

  3. Those "full action" ones are do want.

    Also, that Mayl's got some legs thar...

  4. Holy shit!!

    And that mayl looks hot hehehe

  5. I want!! Too bad I'm poor. Maybe next time.....T_T

  6. WOW those are cool stuff there i wish a had one of it... X and Zero in the top pic are cool... :)

  7. I thought I saw an combined Omega X and Zero in the link well anyway this action figure are great. >_<

  8. kotipeltox said...
    "Holy shit!!
    And that mayl looks hot hehehe"
    I know, one look at her and "WOWZERS!"

  9. Now a fan of her chun li sized thighs.

  10. I'd definitely get that X model if it were possible.

    Finally, a model kit of X that doesn't look like garbage. *points to the others*

  11. I would Love to have them all, they all look so cool, but sadly, they are in Japan..

  12. @TurianX9: The Vava / X / Zero (of pure win) are made by a guy called Hyo. I think he's an official Capcom artist and this is his interpitation of the X series crew (I think he does all the art for Zero series and I know he made the Harpuia / Zero / Forte / Rock set featured a few months back..) I've been looking for that X from this set ever since I saw him putting together his first sets of them when he was showing pictures of them on Pixiv (Japanese version of DeviantArt)....

  13. can you actually buy these kits???? HOW?! and how much money are we talking about?

  14. Can you actually buy these kits?? HOW?! and how much money are we talking about?


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