Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mega Man 10 Trophies Detailed has just posted a list of all the trophies for Mega Man 10, which are the same as the 360 Achievements that were revealed a few weeks back. Nevertheless, here they are:

  1. WHOMP WILY! (Bronze Trophy) – Clear the game once.
  2. SUPERHERO (Bronze Trophy) – Clear the game on HARD.
  3. WORLD WARRIOR (Bronze Trophy) – Defeat one of every type of enemy.
  4. TRUSTY SIDEARM (Bronze Trophy) – Defeat the 8 bosses with just your default weapon.
  5. NO COFFEE BREAK (Bronze Trophy)– Clear the game without using any energy, mystery or weapon tanks.
  6. BLUE BOMBER (Silver Trophy) – Clear the game in under an hour.
  7. HARD ROCK (Silver Trophy) – Make it to a boss room without getting damaged.
  8. HEADBANGING (Silver Trophy) – Defeat the 8 bosses without your helmet on.
  9. DESTROYER (Silver Trophy) – Defeat 1000 enemies.
  10. TENACIOUS  (Silver Trophy)– Clear the game without continuing.
  11. INVINCIBLE (Silver Trophy) – Clear the game without dying.
  12. MR. PERFECT (Silver Trophy) – Clear the game without getting damaged.
No Gold or Platinum?


    1. Hmm... If this game is truly going with the "eight castle stages routine", I wonder how it's going to be possible to completely this game in under an hour?

    2. They seem so hard,there should only be gold/platinum...

    3. Krazy Monkey --

      You know, that's a good point. I hope they're not just a bunch of time trial/special stages. :(

      Anon --

      I know, these trophies are ridiculous. Mr. Perfect should be a Platinum. Hence, why I prefer Achievements anyway.

    4. Krazy Monkey --

      Although, let's just be hopeful and say that maybe they're just making beating the game in under an hour an actual challenge this time. Remember, that only counts time actually spent in-game, and Mega Man 9 was a cinch to beat in less than 30 minutes.

      I could see two castles (or at least more than four stages after the Robot Masters) being doable in under an hour, seeing as Mega Man 10's stage lengths don't seem to be any longer than Mega Man 9's (sadly).

      Or maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part. Mega Man 10 is so close, I don't want to be let down now...

    5. Gold = Unlockable, Bass lol

    6. Hmmm...usually when a Platinum Trophy is earned, all the other medals are earned beforehand. Perhaps the gold trophies will come through downloadable content, or simply haven't been revealed yet? There are mystery trophies in games sometimes. Here's hoping there is a higher entity than Wily, such as Sunstar in MegaMan V. Or maybe some tasks for the third playable character to complete. (Hopes aplenty, huh?)

    7. Krazy Monkey --

      Hmm. I'm having a Mega Man 1-9 marathon in honor of Mega Man 10's release, and for reference, I just finished Mega Man 4 in 53 minutes (according to the in-game clock; I'm playing Navi Mode on Anniversary Collection). I believe it keeps time the same way Mega Man 9's timer does (stops while in menus or otherwise not in a stage), so I think we can safely say the "under an hour" Achievement/Trophy does not preclude Mega Man 10 from still having two castles.

      And I got that time from a pretty sloppy run (i.e. a few stupid deaths, not trying to speed run). So yeah. I think two-castle games only feel longer than an hour because of all the between-stage stuff that happens. They can be beaten in under an hour. I'll report back once I have a final time on Mega Man 5 and see if this holds true. But if Mega Man 10 has stages similarly short in length to Mega Man 9, then 16 stages in under an hour is definitely doable.

    8. @Krazy Monkey:

      I've beaten MM 3, 4, 5 and 6 in less than an hour each, so I'd say 8 castle stages shouldn't be a problem toward that challenge.

    9. IIRC, double castles are usually shorter in length. That, and MM9 was doable in about a half an hour, so its not that far fetched.

    10. the fact there's no gold is sort of odd because there's usually at least one, but most downloadable games $10 or less don't have Platinums so no surprise there.

    11. Yeah, I'm pretty much in agreement with everyone. Just finished Mega Man 5 in 52 minutes on a VERY sloppy run. I could definitely do it in 46-48 minutes on a perfect run.

    12. So, can these be achieved from Easy Mode play, or only Normal?

    13. Unknown at this time. I imagine we'll find out soon, though.

    14. Downloadable games, except for games that were originally disc-based (Burnout Paradise), don't have Platinum trophies.

      Though seeing no Gold for this game is a bit strange.

      And um... my "Word Verification" was "manrock"

    15. I wonder if both Rock AND Protoman can get these? And if so can we play as Proto without his helm?

    16. Here's what I'm thinking: Assuming it's true that there's going to be eight levels at the end after the Robot Masters (instead of MM9's four), that's going to make the Mr. Perfect run absolutely insanely hard, even more so than in MM9.

      In MM9, you had to stay perfect over the course of four full levels without the ability to save. In MM10, it looks like you're going to have to double that: eight perfection level runs without the possibility of saving. =-O

    17. Andrew --

      ... which, again, reduces the likelihood that there are actually 18 in-game/story stages, because I'd be surprised if they actually expected people to have that kind of skill/patience. God damn it.

      Now I'm just hoping their expectations of our skills are really high...

    18. The harder achievements will probably include a "clear the game under XX amount of short", or hell maybe a "Don't touch the walls" trophy.


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