Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rockman Kubricks Shipping Out

Title says it all: Medicom's anticipated Rockman Kubrick figures are planned to ship out tomorrow, the 18th!
Standing at 7cm tall, the figures come with swappable parts like a helmet-less Rockman head and a Break Man helmet for Blues. Furthermore, each figure comes with their own respective "Bearbrick", a translucent bear figure which have sprites of the character's 1-Up icons on their chests.

The Kubricks cost around $40.00 USD, and can be purchased from a number of online retailers like Big Bad Toy Store, NCSX and others. Pricey, sure, but oh so awsome.

[via GoNintendo, GameSetWatch]


  1. $40 for 2 stupid lego-esque things? No, I don't think so. They don't even look that good

  2. Fuck i want a Bass figure.

  3. $40.00??

    Everybody...hands up, this is an assault!

  4. DANG! $40 for a lego man? Wow, their not inflating the price at all!

  5. Hey! At least you guys are getting them! We in the EU have got nothing.
    Oh well, maybe someone on eBay will import them...

  6. Forty dollars? Pfft. I guess Capcom didnt heed many people's comments when they said they would partake "if the price was right". As far as I am concerned, I will customize a couple of lego figures before I dish out 40 smackers for those. I would much rather pay that money for a large upcoming MegaMan title, Capcom!

  7. @MegaMac

    "Customizing anything is the key!"


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