Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mega Man Marathon For Haiti

Today, the TomBobBlender Show is streaming a live Mega Man 1-9 playthrough with intentions of raising money for the Red Cross Haiti Relief. Donations will go towards supplying food, shelter and support for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. As of this writing, the show has managed to raise $285 of their $2,010 goal.  You can find the stream below, and you can send donations via the group's PayPal account here.  It's all for a good and worthy cause!

Credit: GoNintendo


  1. Okay, first off, good for them for supporting a good cause.

    But I just have to say it: they're *alarmingly* bad... I wonder if they can make it through all nine games?

  2. I think it is very very ridiculous for any marathon for any donations like Haiti. I am sick and tired of those people like that. I donate for Haiti through my love and mercy with money to help one another rather than playing the video games marathon for anything. Its rude and disgusting to my point of view.

  3. Anon -

    Uh... you do know how a marathon for donations works, right? They're not playing for the hell of it, they're playing to attract attention and increase the likelihood that people will donate more money. I'd be willing to bet the guys who are hosting the marathon have already donated to the cause individually if they thought to do this at all.

    It's a noble cause, and one of the ways video games can be put to work for the greater good. With all the undue negative press that video games get in the media these days, I'm surprised you'd try to shit on something positive like this. Some people just can't be happy, I suppose.

  4. I agree with Ash...they are pretty bad. But whats good is their cause, so they fight! For everlasting peace (and donations)!

  5. Now chile is the country dealing with an earthquake.

    This is getting worse.

  6. That's because Earth is ill, a illness called humans!!


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