Friday, February 5, 2010

More RM10 Soundtrack Details

Inti Creates has opened up their Rockman 10 soundtrack web page, and naturally, a few additional details have popped up.

Firstly, The 12 page full color booklet (above) will contain commentary from a number of Rockman 10 staff members including producer Hironobu Takeshita, and director Hayato Tsuru. The booklet will also come with some official art and guest artwork courtesy of Megamix author Hitoshi Ariga.

The site also revealed a number of musicians attached to the RM10 project, each of which  composed music for the franchise at one point or another. Composers include "Manami Matsumae (Rockman 1 and 2), Yasuaki Fujita (Rockman 3 and 4), Minae Fujii (Rockman 4), Mari Yamaguchi (Rockman 5), Yuuko Takehara (Rockman 6 and 7), Makoto Tomozawa (Rockman 7), Shusaku Uchiyama (Rockman 8 ) and Akari Kaida (Rockman & Forte)."

[The Mega Man Network]


  1. I wish someone at Capcom/Inti had fucked up with this and accidentally made it so that we could catch a glimpse of one of Bass' fins or something... anything to confirm he's in the story.

    I'm not even a hardcore Bass fan, but I just want so badly for (a) them to respect the series' continuity and (b) to give us some sort of payoff for the clearly intentional plot point that Bass was receiving "upgrades" or whatever during Mega Man 9.

    But you know there has to be a couple good reasons they didn't reveal the entire track list already. They could have revealed none of the track list, but they chose to reveal SOME. That means there's stuff that they specifically don't want us to know about.

    This soundtrack looks really kick ass too, by the way. God, leave it up to Capcom to re-ignite my hopes for Mega Man 10. Just a couple weeks ago I was scared it would be little more than a Mega Man 9 rehash, but now I'm wide-eyed and hopeful all over again in anticipation of a really kick-ass, stand-apart Mega Man 10. Gah, so excited!

  2. They did reveal something, at least. Take a careful look at the picture - the names of tracks 26 and 27 are visible (Dr. Wily Castle, and what looks like Silent Dark(?) - Dr. Wily Stage 1), plus the end of a few more later on the disc. The Wily stage has at least -five- different musical themes (I'm guessing here that the track after Dr. Wily Stage 1 says 'Wily Boss' after it, which seems plausible).

    Oh, and as for "a glimpse of one of Bass's fins"... This could be nothing at all, but check out the second and third pages, which join together left-right to read 'ROCKMAN 10' across the top. We've got ProtoMan on the left (under ROCK), MegaMan in the middle, and then... a little yellowish arc from someone being blocked out by a Photoshopped-in black rectangle.

  3. WanderingMind -

    NICE finds! Still, I hope this doesn't mean that Wily's Castle is all there is -- I'm hoping for two castles or some extra stages between the RM stages and Wily's Castle (a lá Mega Man 3).

    But about Bass... damn. You can't deny that. The color is RIGHT on for Bass' fins, too. And why would there be a black box photoshopped in there? I mean it definitely isn't confirmation, but it's a promising find. We know it isn't Proto Man's scarf, at least.

  4. Err, I'm pretty sure that the "Bass' fin" that the two of you have spotted was none other than Proto Man's scarf.

  5. I think the yellowish arc might simply be Proto's scarf :)

  6. Protodude --

    I'm actually pretty sure it isn't his scarf. Here's why: see the top of the second page of the soundtrack booklet? Whatever piece of art that is of Proto Man, we can already clearly see his scarf drawn off the top of the page.

    Since we know that pages two and three join to form a complete picture of the earth and we know that Proto Man is on the left and Mega Man is in the middle, that can't be a piece of Proto Man's scarf on the covered-up right-hand side of page 3. I've looked at the drawings of Proto Man for Mega Man 9 and 10, and his scarf simply isn't long enough to make it to the right side of page 3; plus, we know the scarf is already drawn going off the top of page 2.

    I've also determined that that yellow arc can't be any part of the Earth's edge either, because you can see the top of the Earth on page 3 and it doesn't curve down at a logical angle that would put it in line with that mysterious yellow arc.

    Therefore, whatever or whoever is on the right side of that page (over the right part of the Earth), it definitely is not any part of Proto Man (unless he's to both the left and right of Mega Man, which would make no sense).

    Plus, there's the simple fact that there even IS a photoshopped black box there for any reason. Why would it be there? We can see other parts of the booklet just fine. But there are definitely unnatural black boxes covering up parts of those images that don't really need to be there... unless they were placed there deliberately.

    Guys, I really think this might confirm Bass. I mean, yeah, nothing's confirmed, but I think this is a pretty huge lead. GREAT find, WanderingMind.

    (And if anyone can tell me why any of the arguments I made up there are wrong, please do so. I don't want to mislead anyone or give false hope.)

  7. Didn't Yoko Shimomura also have a hand with Mega Man 6's music?

  8. That;s clearly the scarf.

  9. Mike --

    I don't think so, but it would be awesome if that was the case.

    Anon --

    It would be great if you could explain how you're so sure of that. If you can't, I'm not convinced. It simply does not make sense, unless Proto Man's drawn twice on that spread.

  10. Ash:

    Have a look at this official MM10 artwork of Protoman:

    Take note of that little indentation on his scarf. Now, check out the soundtrack cover.

    That yellow strip not only has that same indentation, but is also located within the same distance between Protoman's helmet as seen on both the OST and the official art.

  11. Anon -

    Your image link didn't work, but either way... I think you and I are looking at different things.

    The part of the image I'm looking at has nothing to do with where Proto Man is, or his scarf in relation to his helmet. Here, let's look at it like this. Here is what we KNOW we can see:

    First, remember that pages 2 and 3 can be seen to create one big spread (page 2 being the left half and page 3 being the right half).

    Left side of page 2: Proto Man w/ scarf and helmet, over left side of Earth.

    Right side of page 2: Left half of Mega Man over the middle of the Earth.

    Left side of page 3: We can only see the very top of this, which is a sliver of the top edge of Earth. Below would obviously be the other (right) half of Mega Man.

    Right side of page 3: Now here's the key. Most of it is Photoshopped out, but right above the top edge of the black box, you can see a very small yellowish arc. UNLESS there are two different drawings of Proto Man in this page 2-3 spread (which makes no sense, seeing as that would make it two Proto Mans on either side of Mega Man), this has to be a third *something* which is definitely not Proto Man or his scarf. I'm not saying it's absolutely Bass, but the color of that tiny yellow arc would definitely be perfect for one of Bass' fins. It's certainly not Duo, in any case. So whatever or whoever is standing over the right side of Earth, the most likely answer (for now) is Bass.

    Did that help make what I'm talking about make more sense?

  12. That colour doesn't look yellow. Maybe it's a part of a shadow or something (if it is Bass' fin) but that's certainly a green-grey you fellas are chatting about. It could be my monitor though.


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