Saturday, February 20, 2010

Retro Roto Re-releases Are Missing Something...

Jazwares Inc. showed off their planned re-release versions of the popular Retro Roto line of Mega Man figures earlier this week at the American International Toy Fair in New York, and although practically the same as those releases originally released in 2006, these new variants appear to be missing the famous "Build-a-Bot" parts:

Originally, each Retro Roto contained Build-a-Bot parts that, when assembled, would create a solid blue, “Full Charged” Mega Man figure. The packaging for these re-release figures curiously lack any sort of 'Build-a-Bot' advertisement, which were prominent on the original figures' packaging (below):

I imagine the lack of B.A.B parts will increase the value of the original figures in the eyes of collectors...

[via Fort90 and Tomopop]


  1. I was hoping they'd release the planned Wood Man figure as well. Rather disappointed.

  2. Sweet, I'm glad they did that.I hate it when u collect something and they rerelease it later, messing up the value. Like proto said, this should at least make the originals keep their collectability.

  3. The figures don't even look that great to begin with. :/

  4. I liked the figures, but I only payed $5.99 for them at CVS. This release will prolly be $10 like the Juvi's they put out. The figure waves are too similar.

    Also I heard a rumor that the re-release is due to the 2nd wave coming in March. I believe that was the wave with Woodman and Iceman. I know they are trying to break up the robot masters from the same game into different waves for reassurance that people will buy them, but come on, the first line FAILED! Give us the rest of the first game robots and a good one from 2. Then the ones from 2. I dont want to have to wait another 5 years for the line to fail, comeback, release old waves, THEN give us more figures.

  5. This looks good like the cartoons/anime and there's a build a bot added so these figures are can be reattach or not? well its cool anyway adding it to a new collection of figures for Megaman....

  6. There's no build-a-bot in these new ones. :( I was hoping this trend would continue, maybe a build-a-bot Yellow Devil!


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