Saturday, February 20, 2010

English Mega Man Kubricks Discovered

In a bit of interesting news, to say nothing of unexpected, it appears that Capcom might be developing Mega Man branded versions of the Rockman Kubricks, if this auction is indeed accurate -- a possible indication that the figures will be coming stateside:

The packaging, unlike the Japanese versions, feature English names and the Mega Man logo.

Capcom previously expressed an interest in selling the figures outside of Japan, and it looks like they might be fulfilling that interest. I'll keep you updated with more information as we get it.


  1. That would be nice to add to the little Rock collection I have.
    Its really hard to find Rockman figures outside of Japan. Jazzwares needs more retro-roto and less juvi's
    I have the Juvi's

  2. Well yeah, you have Juvi's and off-design E-Tanks...

    Kubrick Bears would probably be considered something of a new fad here in the U.S.

  3. Anyone have a picture of Protoman's Break Man mode?

  4. Meant to say "hate" the juvi's not that I have them lol. I would still get them just because its rockman, but the designs are really ugly.
    The Kubrick's design is slightly better and I like the fact they add the hair for Rock and the break-man helm for Blues.

  5. I've seen these fellows go for anything between 20 and 60 bucks. It varies.

  6. I recently saw these on eBay as well. I thought they already were available when I saw so I thought nothing of it. Still, the price is outrageous and for me, I'll wait until it drops until I partake.

    @1st/3rd Anon
    I got the MegaMan JUVI for the sake of having it in the collection. I aim for the others, but not until I can fine better deals on them. Toys R Us' price still seems high for the Mighty Mug/Munny figure competitors.

  7. Sweet! I'm going to have to pick those up some day.

  8. And its price?

    How about 80.00 bucks? (sarcastic mode enabled)

  9. In the corner of the boxes: "AEGS 15+"

    Oh, Capcom. You can't seem to steer away from those spelling errors, ever.

  10. Wow those are cool looking toys like lego or megablcks, hope that they make like the fortres of Wily or Light's lab....

  11. No thank you, I'd rather have Megaman action figures that are actually of a good quality, unlike those jazwares things. Thanks.


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