Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Keiji Inafune Answers Your Questions (Part I)

Remember when you guys asked Inafune a bunch of questions back in December? Well, he's finally gotten around to answering quite a few...

"Way back last December, we asked for your questions for him and Ariga-san to answer live on Mega Man's 22nd Birthday Celebration broadcast. Some of your questions were answered by him on camera, but I had also sent a list to be answered afterwards. Today I received the answered questions from the community and I'm glad to be presenting the first five! Inafune-san gives really in-depth answers, so be sure to check out all the questions after the break! I'll be rewarding the Capcom Unity members whose questions were chosen with some mega bonus unity points so you can spend on awesome Auction items! Part I goes up today, Part II will go up tomorrow and Part III will features answers from Ariga-san, of Mega Man Megamix fame."  --jgonzo, Capcom-Unity

Hit the jump for a portion of questions/answers! For the rest, you'll have to make your way over to Capcom-Unity.

1) Bigopinion asks: Inafune-san! Rockman is getting pretty old! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful franchise with the world for all these years!! If you could take the Megaman franchise into any new direction -- away from the 2D sidescrolling action adventure we have grown to love through the years -- where would you go with it??

Inafune-san: Thanks to you for many years of your support for Mega Man! You are right, the Mega Man game is known for its 2D side-scrolling action. But we are also constantly seeking for a new direction. We don’t want to do just something new in a random manner. It’s got to be not just new to the series but something completely original, something you have never seen when it comes to Mega Man. I hope I can share exciting news with you sometime in near future. Till then, stay tuned!

3) Akuknives asks: Inafune-san, are you thinking of brushing off the old Robot Masters contest? and have you thought about other contests such as a Stage Theme Music submission contest? With 8-bit music being so popular these days, surely there are plenty of musicians with tracks to submit, don't you think?

Inafune-san: Unfortunately this time, we are not able to hold the Robot Master Contest. But we want to bring it back in near future if an opportunity arises. What I hope to do with the Robot Master Contest is to create Mega Man together with all the fans. The Stage Theme Music contest sounds really interesting so I would love to setup a system for the fans to submit their music and make it happen.

5) Rockmasterx asks: Hello Keiji! I'm from Spain and a Megaman/Rockman fan, I have aprox. 57 original megaman games in my collection and my goal in life is complete this collection! xD Well here are my questions:(sorry for my bad english)
Is there any possibility that you make the next Megaman X with graphics style of "odin sphere" or "muramasa: demon blade"? I think that is a good 2-D Style and the gameplay of megaman X-X6 can be restored.

Inafune-san: 57 of them!? That is amazing!! And I should thank you for that. I think Odinsphere and Muramasa are really good games, but we probably would not mix Mega Man X series with those styles. We would love to work with brand new 2D game ideas rather than borrowing one from elsewhere.


  1. I'm so happy he answered my question. He didn't really answer what I meant, but what he said was still pretty insightful. I'm glad they're going back to the questions.

  2. Bet he wouldn't answer my questions, like "what made you think gutting the X Collection would make us want to buy Maverick Hunter X?"

  3. Congrats on getting a question asked and getting Unity points.

    But I hope someone asked some actual plot related questions...

  4. I'm sad that he's answering things so... dodgy...but I'm glad that he's even answering more.


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