Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Mega Man 10 Footage has come through with a handful of new Mega Man 10 videos, which you can check out below. Beware, spoilers are abundant!

And the rest...


  1. The musics are not very good but the gameplay is interesting!

  2. The robot master mugshots on the stage select screen are seriously ugly!

  3. I am loving that new boss selected tune.

  4. The game is definitely not technically 8-bit anymore, graphics-wise. Still convincing, though, so it's forgivable. Wily actually has me convinced he may, indeed, not be initially at fault for Robotenza... I still wonder what the "Menace from Outer Space!!" is, but then, we didn't find out what Dr. Wily's mystery was until the very end of R2...

    The jury's still out on music. Some of it seems very hit and miss. BladeMan's Old Castle stage is awesome though. The music seems very R1 to me in the sense that some of the music is really catchy while other bits are strikingly bland.

    I like that they're doing more interesting things graphically (and actually didn't reuse R2's stage select theme! Geez...). This seems a lot more like a new entry instead of a homage to R2. Not that that was a bad thing, since R9 IMO trumped R2 in almost every way.

    Here's to hoping they can mix R2's gameplay with the later games' longevity (looking at you R3 you fabulous game you).

  5. Oh god, that guy plays like if he have been receiving a blowjob at the same time

  6. these videos worry me. 10 looks like it's going to be hard in an unfun way. strike man's stage especially has way too many randomly flying balls (both the curve-ball baseballs and the randomly flopping footballs). i'm worried they made it hard for hard's sake.
    hopefully i'm wrong.

  7. Asian: that is why there is an easy mode, for pussies like you.

  8. @anon haha, yeah. i'm a better mm player than you and i'll put my mm9 achievements or best mm2 time against yours any day.
    difficulty is no problem, and i welcome it. small randomly flying objects not so much. reminds me of some of the small flying robots in mm1. really poorly designed.

  9. JDAManson -

    I find myself pretty much in agreement with you.

    As excited as I am about Mega Man 10 itself, I've probably been most excited about hearing all the new music... and I don't like all of what I'm hearing so far. I know it's out of context and it's hard to get a good feel for an entire song by watching sliced up videos of the game, but I don't know. Like you said, the music seems *very* hit or miss so far. For the record, I'm loving Sheep Man and Blade Man's themes, but Chill Man and Pump Man's, not so much. But the intro themes are pretty much fine, and I'm going to go ahead and echo everyone else's sentiments about that Robot Master selection theme -- BADASS. Completely awesome remix of the classic one, and maybe the series' best so far. I'm just sad that we didn't get to hear the stage select theme, because from the five seconds or so we can hear from that one Das Reviews video, it sounds VERY good.

    But for everything else... yeah, still agree with you. This is no repeat of Mega Man 9. They definitely branched out a little and did a few new things with the game design so as not to make Mega Man 10 another Mega Man 2 circle-jerk session, and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. My number one hope for Mega Man 10 has been that it would have more of its own identity than Mega Man 9's "Mega Man 2 Part 2," and that definitely seems to be the case here. Stage and enemy designs already appear to be more creative than the whole of Mega Man 9 -- I hope this stays the case throughout the entire game. Now I'm just pulling for a longer, more MM 3-6 esque game length and we'll be all set.

    Not sure yet how to feel about Wily actually appearing to be innocent as far as Roboenza is concerned. He seems sincere, but... come on, it has to be a ploy. ... right?

    Gah, I was already excited as hell but now it's so much worse. It's almost here!! :)

  10. Asian: randomly flying objects are part of the game difficulty, pussy.
    BTW mm9 achievements are fucking easy.

  11. Personally, the music does not even come close to matching the catchy OST of MegaMan 9, or any other MegaMan game for that matter. I may be judging too soon and they may grow on me as I play, but as for now, they really dont stand out at all. The only music that does is the intro medley. As for the graphics, the intro looks way too articulated. Although I wonder whats up with Capcom and the black backgrounds. The sewers of Pump Man's stage looks like someone removed the BG sprite layer in an emulator. Take Metal Man's BG for example, or Spark Man's. Theirs were full of gears and circuits and even animated! Nitpicky I suppose, but I really hope this isnt just a half-assed, churned-out money maker. Which I've always had that thought in my head since MM10 was announced. Like I said before; prove me wrong, Capcom!

  12. Wily is definitely evil, and most certainly the final boss. What I am HOPING for, though, at least is for some other villainous faction to enter into the mix as well...or something. Even though obviously Wily is still up to no good, I want something...more to the story, rather than just another unimportant stand-alone tale in Mega Man's history that does nothing to segue into the X series....

    But if not, it's still not the end of the world, since everything else besides the plot looks great, as always. =D

  13. Megaman 10 looks very fun, very different (as in artwork design) but very fun. Although I must admit I'm heartfully dissapointed with the music so far. For the music being my favorite thing in a MM game I feel that I could've written better stage music for this game. Really, I could. :( oh well...

  14. FINALLY! Some fresh air from the "homage-to-MM2" music style.

    I actually find the music VERY good. I see the ol' "ambient music" style from MM8 (Pump Man and Chill Man). The mimicking of the GB style in most songs (Stage Selected is awesome). An epic MM3-ish intro music (When it talks about the robots revolting. It hear a bit of FF-ism lol).

    It is actually what I hoped. An innovation in the music department (hell, even Sheep Man's theme sounds both MM2 AND 8-ish to me. YOU HAVE TO LOVE IT <3). Gameplay-wise, HARD IS GOOD. So that's why Easy mode was introduced xD.

    I agree with JDAManson: it's technically not 8-bit, grapich-wise. THANK GOD FOR THAT. Enough with the limitation crap. Give me some mind-blowing retro graphics.

    I actually find it more of a new entry than a homage to MM2, and that is exactly what I wanted to happen. Now, let the fanbitching COMMEN-oh wait, it already started. Meh, can't be bothered with them. I'm too excited for MM10 :D.

    Then let's wait for the fair/unfair reviews...

  15. I gotta say I like the feeling of this one, it's really hard to get into the music without having sat down with the game, but for me Strike Man's theme is by far the best released so far, especially the intro part and the end of the loop where it sounds like a baseball stadium song.

  16. Hate to say it but i gotta agree with Kotipeltox. Whoever is playing sucks.

  17. I'm sorry, but I can't really get into this. Megaman 9 was fun and all, and was a great throwback to old school stuff. But I wasn't all that big of a fan of old school Megaman in the first place... I really got into it with X, and fell in love with Zero and ZX.

    I'm really hoping that the next project isn't just Megaman 11... =_=


    No, not good. GREAT.

    According to IGN's new hands-on preview with the final version of Mega Man 10, Time Attack Mode apparently gives away the fact that there are eight -- count 'em, EIGHT -- more stages following the Robot Master stages.

    Does that hail the return of the longer, two-castle format I and other fans have been waiting for for so long? It sure as hell seems to, as I can't imagine one castle having eight stages!

    Let's just hope that IGN's preview is accurate in this regard, but it seems to have been written by a hardcore Mega Man fan over there (surprising, I know), so my hopes are high.

    My god, I never expected it to seriously happen, but... Mega Man 10 might actually turn out to be exactly what I was hoping for: a more unique, longer game more in line with MM 3-6 and not just another MM 2 redux.

    Damn. This just makes the wait MORE unbearable. So excited!!!

  19. Urrgh...I was dreading these. Now, I'm gonna find it extremely hard not watch these so as not to spoil myself.
    I did watch the Sheep Man one though, and his theme is awesome! It's a bit different to what we usually hear in a MM game, but I like that and I can see it becoming my favourite Robot Master theme in the game, but I'll have listen to the other ones too.

  20. I can't believe these are the same people that were responsible for the incredible soundtrack of MM9.
    The gameplay looks fun though.

  21. Yahoo Im excited this is gonna be a good Megaman game :)

  22. JDAM: Where does it break 8-bit in the graphics? I admit curiosity here as someone who grew up with a NES since a lot of it seems like it'd be possible based on the later MM games.

  23. Hey were already seeing this intro but the MM9 secret not seeing yet....

  24. Hmm... so its not Bass or Duo are the secret character its Dr.Wily LOLZ..:)

  25. I wouldn't say it has the worst music in the series so far for me... R5 will probably never lose that title in my eyes.

    The mix of feelings from each classic RockMan game in each song is probably because of all the composers from each classic RockMan game, haha.

    I want to say, while I DO believe Wiyl will be the final boss, I don't think that he is involved with Robotenza in the beginning. Maybe he decides to side with the enemy in this game later.

    I didn't mention this before, but I fee lreal dumb for not noticing that that was Wily's UFO in the background in earlier screenshots of that moment.

  26. @anon so you don't accept my challenge?

  27. I will say the music is definitely a step down from MM9's, but I'm not surprised. If anything, it's because the soundtrack loses impact since it's following in the footsteps of MM9. I'm pretty sure it would better received if this were MM9. Besides, it still gets the job done.

    Anyways, I'm avoiding actually looking at the videos (other than the intro) to avoid gameplay spoilers. :D

  28. Blade Man and Chill Man's themes are kinda bleh. Blade Man's start out cool but then it loses it near the end.

  29. @Snap: Well, I think this game has a larger selection of composers from through the RockMan series, as opposed to just the group that worked on RockMan 9, but I don't recall. So we'll probably hear a greater mixture of music we think is good and music we think sucks.

  30. Wow this made my day. The footage looks great.

    But what made my week was the video Iceman Cometh. What an epic fail on the first death lol.

  31. @JDAManson

    I do remember hearing that they recruited composers from each prior MegaMan game. It may have been just for the arranged album, but I am pretty sure its for the soundtrack itself. Which in that fact, I think it will be pretty nice to see all the different styles meshed into one game. :)


    I hope you're right about that review. This gets my mind 'a churnin'. Could the threat from outer space make an appearance here? Could we face a new enemy in a first castle ala Dr. Cossack or Mr.X? Or maybe there isn't even a first castle, maybe something spectacular happens along the lines of the Doc Robots in MM3? Hmm...they got my attention with this one, lol.

  32. @JDAManson

    Quoting VixyNyan from the Rockman 10 OST post:

    "Creators in charge of the music
    Inti Sound Team -III, Triple I- ( Rockman 9 )
    Manami Matsumae ( Rockman 1, Rockman 2 )
    Yasuaki Fujita ( Rockman 3, Rockman 4 )
    Minae Fujii ( Rockman 4 )
    Mari Yamaguchi ( Rockman 5 )
    Yuko Takehara ( Rockman 6, Rockman 7 )
    Makoto Tomozawa ( Rockman 7 )
    Shusaku Uchiyama ( Rockman 8 )
    Akari Kaida ( Rockman & Forte )"

    In MM9, only Manami Matsumae and Yasuaki Fujita worked with the Triple-I team. So that explains why MM9 sounds a bit too much like MM2.

    The big-ass list above would explain why MM10's music sounds so different. We are getting a taste of most MM music styles. Which I believe it's good. If not, great :D.

  33. @MaverickHunterAsh

    EIGHT castle stages!? It's about freaking time. Not counting Mega Man & Bass (which had just one extra castle stage after King's), they haven't done that since Mega Man 6, which was released all the way back in 1993. If Bass isn't the third playable character (assuming there actually IS one), then here's hoping that he at least shows up in one of the two castle stages.

    Also, about the intro... No matter HOW innocent Dr. Wily may appear to be, I'm still a hundred percent convinced that he's the one behind everything (as usual), and is going to be the final boss. Not only because of the fact that it has the same "Whomp Wily!" achievement as in Mega Man 9, but because of the fact that he's been trying to play innocent, and disguising his intentions since Mega Man 3. I can't believe that Mega Man and Dr. Light automatically believed everything he had to say, and weren't even the LEAST bit skeptical. Sheesh, that's no different from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, where Knuckles continues to believe any lie that Dr. Robotnik tells him.

  34. That's great news about the game's length; just ten days to go and I can barely wait.

    The music, though, is surprising; I'm used to Megaman having stronger melodies than this. That's not to say it's bad, though - ChillMan's stage, especially, took a few repeated listens to grow on me, but you can hear a similarity to SearchMan's stage or the R&F version of AstroMan's in it, with its weird 12-tone-scale wanderings. It sounds like it fits a more puzzle-oriented kind of stage, which those ice blocks look to be providing.

  35. I think I have to agree with WM. While to an average person like myself, most of ChillMan's stage is a bunch of seemingly random notes, but there's one part that sounds really.

    The same with PumpMan. His starts out slow but later in the video it sounds kinda catchy.

    I guess it just has to grow on us, and maybe full songs will help us out.

  36. I have to mirror some of the opinions that people had on Mega Man 9. From all I can see going on in the videos, there's really no reason this game needed to be 8-bit. There really isn't.

  37. I don't see how any of these videos can constitute spoilers. The intro is the first thing you see when you start the game, so it really can't be a spoiler, by definition, because by seeing it you are seeing the game in order.

    And besides, honestly, in a game like this why do spoilers even matter? The plot is entirely tongue-in-cheek anyway, as a throwback to plots from earlier Mega Man games which probably did actually take themselves seriously.

  38. Of course it didn't need to be 8 bit, they wanted it 8 bit.

  39. >Of course it didn't need to be 8 bit, they wanted it 8 bit.

    You misunderstood me. I mean, with MM9, it was a genuinely welcome surprise. Here, it's just cashing in on yet another bland formula. Sure, this game will print money, but I still want a little more pizazz.

  40. I can wait to see the new third playable character and I hope its a new character other that Base or Duo....

  41. ^ No. Mega Man doesn't need any new characters. Well, at least not before bringing back the older ones, first. Bass especially needs to come back, seeing how Capcom deliberately kicked his fanbase in the nuts in Mega Man 9.

  42. it true that the co-op thingy rumor was just a rumor?

    Because, you know, the way some parts of the stages work (the Bulbhead miniboss in Sheep Man's stage, the 2-handed soccer miniboss in Strike Man's stage, the scale thingy in Blade Man's stage, and maybe there's more...) can't stop screaming "CO-OP!". Some of those parts would be more easy if you add another player.

    Meh, maybe not...

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Yes, I recall IGN debunking the co-op rumor with the word of God. Which is a shame. But oh well...

  45. @MaverickHunterAsh: I think that might explain the whopping amount of 46 tracks, unless they choose to do only 2 different castle stage themes (which I doubt). Great news indeed.

    @MusashiAA: That was exactly the first thing that came to my mind after seeing those minibosses; it just seemed perfect for co-op. Too bad it was debunked already.

  46. Ew Megaman's swimming around in poopy water.


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