Sunday, November 1, 2009

OSS Commercial Incoming

Capcom looks to be stepping up its advertising for Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star.

According to an in-store pamphlet, a 15-second TV spot will appear during popular children's programming on Kids Station a week prior to the game's release.  If previous commercials are any indication, expect to see cel animation mixed in with in-game footage.

Additionally, there's also brief mention of a forthcoming promotion on Coro Coro Comics' official website, with no other specifics given.

Thanks, Sal.


  1. Ooh, an animation? That could be more interesting than the actual game! XD

  2. Apparently I'm not the only one who's less than thrilled for this game. I may still get it, but only because of the drought of quality Mega Man games lately...

    Where's X9, Legends 3, Mega Man 10.... heck Zero 5 if you have to resurrect a series.. *sigh*

    I still Have TvC to look forward too..

  3. @Anon2: Or even EXE1: The remake. Since this isn't that.

  4. Sorry but... I FOR ONE AM THRILLED FOR THIS GAME! So are my other friends in the neighborhood. They are ALL getting it. I am gonna buy this and the first MMSF game (Dragon) and also Black Ace (I have Red Joker). Anyways, atleast give the game a chance.

  5. ^
    Based on what we've seen and heard, it's almost as if we gave the game a chance already.

  6. May I put a bit into perspective for you Anon 5?
    Should we be upset that this is a simple port, that there is not much more beyond the original? Foolish thinking because there was little to none of this when Legends was ported to the PSP, is there truely any difference?

    Should we be upset because there is Starforce? No, Starforce is popular enough in Japan and is thus why it is being done, they do not care about us Americans, we aren't their main priority.

    This game is basically a port, and even if it turns out to be a whole new game then is that not better? You are getting something different. Don't like the additions? Get the original, it's not that hard. I have heard no counter-arguments that have any support to it, want your point made? Make an essay to back-up your claim.

  7. @ anon 6
    I completely agree with you. We should really give the game a good chance. Not only that but NONE of us can say that Capcom didn't put any work into it considering that they made it so that the spirites change from SSR3 to BN1 style. Beasides it's supposed to be a REMAKE! They even added some awesome features like voice acting and DS Download system (for the mini-games). To top it off they added a sub-plot and new charecters that will probably affect the plot from then on. Considering all the features they added on to it, its pretty sweet. Oh and for the people who want a new Legend and stuff, look at what sold well in Japan. Now don't get me wrong cause I am a VERY big fan of the X games ond the Legend games. I would love it if they made some more too. They also made the graphics the same because they wanted to give it that time-traveling affect and make people remember what it felt like to play the old BN games. I also like the old BN style spirites. You don't know, it might be just as great a s BN3 (probably not). So once again... GIVE THE GAME A CHANCE! Plus Protodude, what do you think of the game so far. Do you agree with me.

  8. Shouldn't there be news about the Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star demo play event on November 3rd? Since Japan is one day ahead, we should be getting news on it today...right?

  9. I've been on the lookout, nothing yet...



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