Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mega Man X Official Complete Works Has 3D Cover Art

The Mega Man Network is showing off some sample shots of the upcoming MMXOCW cover art, which touts special embossed 3D art:

The source of the images, Udon's own managing editor Matt Moylan, dropped the community the following hint regarding future Mega Man artbooks:

"Also, not ready to announce future art book dates yet, but if fans like the STARs on their favorite television NETWORKs to speak English then, they’d be advised to wait a bit before buying certain Japanese versions of art books."

Mega Man Star For and Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works confirmed?

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. oooooooo. . .shiny. Me likey a lot.

  2. How about a release date for MMOCW?

  3. Could they make it even more obvious with that little hint? I mean seriously... LOL

  4. You can't judge a book by its cover :P
    But it's pretty good!

  5. 1) Still waiting for MMOCW.

    2) Thank you, Udon, for going above and beyond with the XOCW cover. Please try to uphold your release dates next time, though.

    3) Would be excited for BNOCW and SFOCW, but it'll be years before they're released.

  6. Hey guys, Matt here from UDON. Thanks for being so patient!

    Both MMOCW and MMXOCW are arriving at a US port in 1 week, from there is about 2 weeks to get them through customs, to our distributor, and out to store. So as long as the customs folks are nice to us, you’ll see this book in stores in about 3 weeks! I’ll keep the MM Network gang updated

    @Soultrigger: Well we are a couple months late on MMOCW, yep. Though MMXOCW will only be about 2 weeks late from it's original release date. Not so bad!

  7. Now watch it get delayed until June.

  8. Wasn't this supposed to be out eons ago?


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