Friday, November 13, 2009

Mega Man Accessories Hit Solia Online

PRC reader linkfreak131 informs us that Solia Online, an avatar based web community, recently released a "Eastern Hero Costume" pack that allows users to wear some very familiar accessories...

Your eyes aren't deceiving you; those are Mega Man accessories.  From left to right: Zero's hair (or Proto Man's scarf?), Z-Sabre, X's helmet, Zero's helmet (Zero series) and Model ZX's helmet.  I'm not entirely sure where the white helmet is from, but it does look a bit like Ken's from Gatchaman.

I wonder if these are officially licensed...

Click here for more pictures of each accessory!


  1. Looks exactly like Gaia, only the avatars are less stupid looking. :/

    But the community is probably just as dumb.

  2. @anon 1

    It's the Internet. 90% percent of the people on it is dumb.


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