Monday, November 2, 2009

OSS Promo Campaign Kicks Off, New Footage (UPDATE)

Today, Capcom announced a brand new OSS promotion: the Double Rockman Present campaign --  a collaboration between Capcom, Coro Coro and Kids Station where participants can partake in a scavenger hunt to win copies of OSS and a set of stickers:

"So how does it work? Well, you need to find a special letter on each of the participating websites. For example, on the Capcom page linked above, clicking on the Mr. Program reveals Capcom’s special character. Next, head over to the CoroCoro website and solve this puzzle, revealing their special character. Finally, drop on by Kids Station and watch the video on the top of the page with the guy who’s waaaaay too excited about his job. Incidentally, this video shows off some new footage from OSS, including the appearance of ClockMan."

Sounds like fun, but this is a Japan only promo, so it's probably not relevant to most of you!

UPDATE - Direct footage:

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. Yay I solved the puzzle.

  2. That man may just be the only person in the world that excited for this game. XD Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to it. --FlashMan

  3. Codes are ネ シ and ト (from left to right) all I got was a shitty wallpaper/screensaver thing z.z


  4. That was , ?

  5. Haha, that dude is hilarious. I'll pick this game up, but I hope they do at least one more proper entry into the series. EXE7 and I'm happy. Or maybe a Wii title. Then Legends 3. And then MHX2. And give me a million dollars while we're at it.

  6. ....

  7. Can any1 link the wallpaper and screen saver please?


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