Friday, November 6, 2009

Brand New Tees

Hot on the heels of the Mega Man E-Tank sports drink, AAA Distribution brings to light more upcoming Mega Man products: T-shirts.

"Mega Man Classic" and "Run, Jump, Shoot," two new tees ODM manufacturing, are set to release on November 30th, 2009 for $17.99. No specifics on retailers, but you can order directly from AAADistribtuiton. More details including sizes, available here.


  1. I want a shirt that says JUMP JUMP! SLIDE SLIDE!

    Im dead serious.

  2. FYI these shirts have been on preorder on for a few months now.


    Shoot Shoot! XD

  4. Sheesh. Can't anyone (besides Split Reason) make a Mega Man or Rockman shirt that DOESN'T use sprites?

  5. ...Are you trying to say you don't want a Mega Man shirt with sprites?

  6. It would be nice to have one with some nice artwork instead of sprites. We have plenty of sprite based Megaman shirts. to the point where it loses its charm.

    I have a blue short with a Megaman drawn on who looks like he was sketched with a black P. marker. Thats almost the only artwork Megaman shirt. Then theres the 20th anniversary one, and the rest are all sprite based.

  7. I agree with Flame:
    They really should have a JUMP JUMP! SLIDE SLIDE! shirt as well, but the Run, Jump, Shoot one looks great.


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