Tuesday, November 10, 2009

OSS Invades Sofmap

In anticipation for OSS' official release tomorrow, Japanese retail store Sofmap gave their DS section a bit of a Rockman makeover:

Directly adjacent to the display, a single kiosk for demoing the game:

Play the demo, walk away with a pretty sweet mini-poster:

EDIT: Sorry, Sofmap -- not BicCamera :)

[via RockMega]


  1. Someone, get me the mini-poster T-T Please! Pretty please! Pretty please with chocolate on top (that's better than sugar)

  2. What a sight! So much merchandise, both seen and never seen before... really hope your connections can get you some more great photos and scans, Protodude ;)

    That aside... when are they going to announce ROSS' release outside Japan..?

  3. I wonder where the cutouts go when it's done?

  4. This is why I miss Japan.....look at all those bright colors!

  5. I want that poster.


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