Monday, November 30, 2009

MMOCW Delayed Again? is sending out the following message to those who pre-ordered Mega Man Official Complete Works:
"We're writing about the order you placed on September 1st 2009 (Order# XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX). Unfortunately, we are unable to ship the item(s) as soon as we expected and need to provide you with a new estimate of when the item(s) may be delivered:

Capcom "Mega Man: Official Complete Works"
Estimated arrival date: January  7 2010 - January 20 2010
Last we heard from UDON's Matt Moylan, the book was due to ship by the end of November.  But, if Amazon is correctly, we're in for a bit of a wait.

Until we hear otherwise, hang tight.

Thanks, Julian, Riot and Anon.


  1. gasp....I'm shocked. Nothing but love to Udon, but those guys are not too reliable on release dates ;)

  2. *twitch*

    *twitch twitch twitch twitch*

    I'm facepalming SO MUCH. What's the point of having a release date at this point? Why not just say "It'll be done when it's done"?

  3. Hrmmm...well, my Amazon "please OK this delay" message from three days ago had the estimated arrival date at December 17th. Still a slight delay, but not as far out as those people got. So much for it appearing like a Christmas gift now, I suppose...

  4. Any similar news on the X Complete Works? Maybe it's their priority...

  5. How cliche of them. A Mega Man item, delayed? I have never heard of such, lol.

  6. *sigh* Can't even begin to imagine when SF and EXE are gonna be localized. ._.

  7. This doesn't speak well for this company. I am not impressed.

  8. aw man again?!

    udon not doing a good job it seems with dates D: i think (and i hope not) their gonna stick both MMXOCW and MMOCW together like the japanese version.

    or they are having problems with translating :\

  9. Fuuuuu--

    I can wait a little longer; however, if it gets delayed again, I'll just plunk the cash down for the original. S'not like UDON was allowed to add anything.

  10. Wow, folks. I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on now. I hope it's just a snafu on Amazon's end. Regardless, I was about to email Matt about some other stuff anyway, so I'll throw a question about this in there and see what I can find out for you guys. I was looking forward to getting my copy soon as well (I usually get copies of the books I work on), so I'm bummed out about this too. :(

    What I can say is this: it's not the translation, localization, or adaptation that's holding things up. The book is DONE work-wise. Something in printing/the actual production of the books is the issue. I'm sure that by now, you've all figured out that I have nothing to do with when the books come out (short of getting my share of the work done), but as someone who has worked for UDON on these books and, subsequently, someone who can't wait for you guys to get your hands on them, I do apologize. :(

    Sit tight, and I'll see what I can learn about this. though I apologize in advance if it's something I can't talk about (though I can't imagine why that would be the case).

  11. I'm going to take a whack that it's a printing misfire; seems odd to have the dates changed so suddenly if it were anything else.

    I'm still looking forward to this and the MMXOCW.

  12. Hey guys,

    Well both Mega Man OCW and Mega Man X OCW have arrive stateside form the printers. From here it jsut takes a couple weeks for the boos to go through the distributor and then our to stores.

    As for amazon's dates, as I have said before if a product is late they just make up a new release date. Pull it out of the air I guess, since we haven't given amazon a new release date.

    Anyways both books look great, I'm sure you'l love them!

  13. Thanks, Matt. We're looking forward to both books' release!

    Keep up the good work!

  14. Well, I emailed Matt, and I guess he saved me the trouble of telling you guys what was up. :) I told him you guys were getting worried about the books being delayed again, so I guess he took it upon himself to let you all know what's going on. Good news all around, eh?

    Maybe this will be enough to prove to those of you that thought I was bogus, that, well... I'm not. :P

  15. MavHunterAsh & Matt - thanks for getting back to us!

    Can't WAIT to get my hands on both books!!!


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