Friday, November 27, 2009

Operate Shooting Star Tournament Announced

Beginning January 17th, 2010, the winter World Hobby Fair will play host to the first of four Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting tournaments.

Players of all ages within Japan are invited to compete at the Osaka Dome to win a variety of prizes, and a position in the follow-up tournament in May. The tournament will also feature activities, and free giveaways.

More details within the coming weeks.

Credit: CapKobun


  1. A tournment? sheesh, how do they come up with this stuff?

    Just release it in the U.S already.

  2. I'd love to take part in this tournament.

    But too bad it's only in Japan, no WiFi. :/

  3. I always loved how Japan held these Rockman tournaments for the EXE and Ryuusei series. It's a shame it's Japan only, I can imagine them being a lot of fun.

  4. Day of the tourney:

    "We're excited to see all the fans who bought our game, Operate Shooting Star, here at today's tournament!"

    "Now, if you 3 will just stand over in the corner, we'll play rock/paper/scissors to determine who gets the same old Forte F chip you could have just as easily gotten with a cheating device that makes revisiting this game almost fun!"

  5. tournament nah how abouth in north they never try'd well i just wait for the upcoming of the MM9+ or MML3 MZ5 :)

  6. To be honest, I did not expect them to do a tournament for this game at all.


    Bah, the only EXE tournament we had here in the States was held at Comic Con in San Diego about a month after EXE 6 was released. From what I've heard, only about 30-something people attended.

    I tried to attend that tournament, but got stuck in traffic. Sad.


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