Wednesday, November 4, 2009

'Rockman EXE Beast' Returning To TV

Beginning December 10th, 2009, Kids-Station will air reruns of the popular Rockman EXE Beast anime series. The occasion marks EXE's return to television after a two year absence.

Episodes will air twice a day: once in the morning, and a repeat of the same episode in late afternoon.  According to the master schedule, it looks as if Kids-Station plans on airing all 25 episodes until December 25th.  After that, they'll either rerun the show again or move onto "Beast+", the show's successor.


  1. A revival of the 1st game, a new comic with a new protagonist, a mini comic on the site, reruns of the show, and talk of what they want to do next with EXE?

    Could my dreams be coming true? ;__;

  2. Protodude, please tell me you're joking. You have to be joking. Capcom cannot be seriously pulling this crap.

    For crissakes, the EXE series is DEAD. Stop injecting it with the t-virus; and get to work on making something good - MM10, X9, DASH3, RNR4, ZX3... or hell; an entirely new series. Just leave EXE the hell alone, and work on something that we actually WANT. You satisfied the EXE fans' complaining and whining with OSS, so throw a bone the rest of us will like for once.

  3. @Hiroki: No, they did not satisfy us, they taunted us. I say leave X "the hell alone." Though I will agree with Dash 3. What do you mean, "for once?" OSS is the first time they've tried to throw us a bone and they seriously failed.

    Any time X, dash, or zx news shows up, I'm going to crap in the comments just like you do.

  4. @Hiroki: Um... they're showing reruns. How exactly is that... "pulling crap?" Anon1 is speculating.

  5. Hiroki:
    LAWL, are you stupid?
    You SERIOUSLY think that Capcom is responsible for those reruns?

    Also, shut the hell up.
    You know what else is dead? X, ZX and DASH series.

    I'm not trying to start a flame war. I just want to say that your retarded bitching is bitchy and retarded. If Capcom wanted, they would make all of these games you mentioned.
    BUT THEY WON'T! You know why? Because apparently they are NOT profitable enough. (tough, MM10 IS a possibility)
    EXE on the other hand, is quite a profitable son of a bitch, so they try to milk it for all its worth.

    Don't worry tough. They will probably give up on it too.

  6. Wow. It is going to be crap even more! Enough with exe series. It was terrible and it is going to be terrible even more. :P

  7. Beast? Bad move. Why not Axess? That was way better than Beast.

  8. Sweet!(Now if only I lived in Japan....) Hopefully, More EXE down the road, I'm a huge fan.

  9. Whoa, what? Now why would they run Beast again when the EXE series is over? It's not for a lack of shows, I'll tell you that much.

    EXE may very well be coming back. Based upon how well OSS sells, they can either stop after Beast/+ and call it a "holiday quirk" OR let it be a refresher course on the EXE series before they kick 7 into gear, which, with what could be Raito/Patch in that comic, is very possible.

  10. Well... okay. Beast was better than Stream, anyway... I personally liked the EXE series; don't know why it's getting such hate here.

  11. I think the other series are being poorly represented now. A couple months ago, I thought this would be the time for equal representation.

  12. I think either the flood of EXE haters isn't here yet or they're being dreadfully polite and are skipping it. I for one don't understand hating at all on any series even if I don't like it.

    I thought the original and Axess were the best, but what do I know?

  13. Wondering why they're not going with Axess, as well. Although I wonder if there's a chance we'll get to see a dub aired or distributed of the last three EXE seasons, if OSS, Beast rerun, and this Patch thing run well? I'd certainly be up for that, though I doubt it'll get picked up again.

  14. sigh... howcome these things only happen in Jappan...>_>


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