Monday, November 2, 2009

Nooks and Crannies

Whilst browsing a local market, Rockmanx121 stumbled upon a handful of interesting Rockman trinkets that are just too obscure to not share with you all here:

"Rock Buster", an electronic keychain game.  Shaped in the image of a Super Famicom (aka Super Nintendo), you press a button in time to the lights to detract hit points (HP) from Napalm Man.  Hit the buttons at the wrong time, and Napalm Man will replenish health.  The goal: Get Napalm Man down to 0 HP.  It's almost like a real boss battle!

Capcom approved Valentine's day badges and buttons. The backsides are blank, so you have room to write a little messages to loved ones.


Left: A 100 Yen dispenser.  Right: 'Battle & Chase' themed bubble gum. Each canister of gum comes with one of eight collectible metal pins.

Last, but not least...

Oversized Rock and Roll Gashopons. Supposedly, they're water proof and make great substitutes for rubber duckies.


  1. Market? A Flea Market? Where on earth do you live, Rockmanx121. I am guessing somewhere in Japan, lol. Very rare finds.

  2. Rockman and Stoneman forever.

  3. I always knew Mega Man and Stone Man were lovers.

  4. That's some cool stuff. Wish I could visit a japanese flea market lol

  5. I want those valentine buttons >> They would make awesome EXE style changes >D

  6. How cool, this is some interesting stuff. I actually have the entire set of those keychains at the bottom too, they're adorable!


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