Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zero's Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Move Set Detailed

Courtesy of the Shoryuken forums, here's an in-depth look at Zero's move set from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.  Information derives from the latest build of the game which was playable during a recent Capcom sponsored event:

-Special moves-
Hyper Zero Buster: A chargeable buster shot, very similar to Rock's, but seems to have a smaller hitbox when fully charged. Possibly more powerful. The projectile changes depending on what button you hold down. A single hit from the buster will knock the opponent down similar to Batsu's old fireballs.

Ryuenjin: a flaming uppercut in Shoryuken style. It hits multiple times with dramatic hitpause inbetween each hit.

Heinkyaku: a kind of teleport command dash that is similar to Karas when on the ground. It can send him in any 8 directions when he's in the air, so it can be useful for mobility and even to simulate a fast fall.

Hadangeki: a very basic projetile slash special. Comes out very fast.

Sentsuizen: a Mai-style swallow dive that can apparently lead into combos. Has some short startup. If it hits an airborn opponent it slams them down.

Giga Attack (Rekkoha): He pounds the ground with his fist, (which does not stun the opponent, as previously thought) and after a pause the whole screen is filled with rainbow lasers that rain down diagonally. Very big and fairly powerful, but far too slow to really be relied on for results. The lasers also have a weird hitbox and can sometimes miss jumping opponents. Zero is fully invulnerable during the start of the attack. This move is DHC friendly, and as long as Zero hits the ground, the lasers will rain down even if the super is somehow interrupted.

Sougenmu: A genei-jin style super where Zero clones himself, creating a doppleganger. The shadow follow-ups only appear when he's doing special moves, though. Other than this it seems to speed him up slightly.

Level 3 - Dark Hold: Zero dashes forward and knocks the opponent into the air, freezing them in a bubble before he prepares a giant laser sword and runs them through with it in dramatic fashion, doing about 21000bil damage raw. Has a fast startup.

-Other Stuff-
Seems to be a very basic, easy character to use. Surprisingly, his regular movement and attacking speed seems to be erring on ths low side. He also is quite weak when it comes to damage, but will probably make up for this once his longer combos are discovered. A lot of his moves have multi-hit properties. He has many tools for dealing with any situation which would make him a great jack of all trades. His assist is the same fire uppercut. Some people report that he has low defense a la Karas.

More details at Shoryuken


  1. Sougenmu: from the sound of it, it seems like soul body. it even sounds like it would translate into that.

  2. Sougenmu is the Japanese name for Zero's X5 Twin Dream technique.

    I hope Sentsuizan's button mapping is better than it was in X6. Maybe the move can finally redeem itself.

  3. What about Shippuga? (X4 Dash Slash special from Slash Beast)


  4. well, I'll show you guys where's from each of these moves

    Ryuenjin(X4) - Learned from Magamar Dragoon, the rsing flame blade

    Heinkyaku(X4) - Learned from Jet Stingrey, the Air-dash

    Hadangeki(X7) - Learned from Vanishing Gungaroo, the slash wave

    Sentsuizen(X6) - Learned from Ground Scaravich, the the falling slash that shake when hit the ground (everyone think this ia a useless move)

    Rekkoha(X6) - Learned from Infinity Mijinion, the Giga Attack move that makes beam lights fall

    Sougenmu(X5) - Learned from Axle the Red, also know as Twin Dram, that makes a soul body appears in front of zero and makes the same move as he does

    Dark Hold(X5) - Learned from Dark Dizzy, makes everything around stop

  5. Seems like people missed the bad news in the thread, Voulnutt got nerfed on his weapon change speed. A shame, he was top tier in my book before this.

  6. It's not Rekkoha if it is what we have seen in the videos up until now.

  7. Hmmm i was expecting Dr.Light with a Ryu custume :) that they will add in TvC....


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