Thursday, November 5, 2009

"E-Tank" Sports Drink Coming Stateside

According to AAA Distribution, the popular Rockman E-Tank sports drink is heading to our side of the Pacific. Manufacturer Boston America intends to release a pack of 24 E-Tanks on December 31st, 2009 for $72.00 USD:

Meanwhile, BigBad Toystore plans on selling individual cans for $2.99; estimated to ship in January, 2010.

Information is obscure for the time being. More updates as they come in.

...a shame they aren't implementing the original design.


  1. Pretty boring if they aren't in the actual "E-Can" design.

  2. Oh, come on! Just after I received one as a surprise gift from my boss at UDON, they go and make them available in America? So much for them being an incredibly rare collector's item for Mega Man fans. :P

  3. They aren't even in the e-cans!

  4. I will be incredibly pissed if they change the design. Theres really no point in it if It doesnt look like an actual E- Can.

  5. That doesn't even LOOK LIKE the E-Can!

    It's just Megaman-themed! That's disappointing!

  6. Yeah, why bother if you're gonna drop the design....

  7. =( Man, this reminds me that I still haven't gotten the one s-kill said he'd give me when CUnity posted my E-tank cozies... Hum. Oh well.

  8. Ridiculous, I agree with MaverickHunterAsh. At least we got the original design. Worth the 20 something dollars I payed. Still pisses me off though. Lots of novelty energy drinks abound and here I thought I had a rare item. Guess it is still rare though, due to the design. I guess it isnt all bad, now I get to see how they taste! lol

  9. Honestly if that is the design they end up using, I wont buy it. Ill keep trying to find a way to import instead. I want an E-can, not a megaman themed energy drink.
    seriously, theyre even callingk it an E-tank?

  10. Agreed. Apparently, they missed the point in the novelty that is the E-Can. E-fail.

  11. The point of an E-Can was to LOOK like an E-Can. Other than that, what's the point? I mean, it's not like many people are actually getting it for the drink itself.

  12. I've seen E-Tank drinks like this around where I live (the one I remember seeing was in an FYE store). The same store also had "potions" for sale too.

  13. If they change the design, fans will be VERY disappointing... FAIL because it doesn't look like a E-Tank. And I heard the original had a bitter taste, is it true?

  14. At least there's still the Dragon Punch - Street Fighter energy drinks... XD

  15. Alright then. I sent Boston America a message concerning the matter, just to see what they would say, and lo and behold, the answer is rather intriguing...

    Do read on...

    My mail to them-

    First of all, I rather like your products. I must admit, I have a blue Mario mushroom on my shelf, and have been more than tempted to buy other of your items.

    And so I heard from the videogame community that you were going to import to the states the Megaman energy drink that was released a while ago in japan to celebrate the newest installment in the franchise, Megaman 9. And while us the fanbase were pretty thrilled with the idea, we ARE dissapointed and crestfallen that you are dropping the original design that we were so hyped up about.

    The whole reason that people wanted the drink in the first place really was the design of the can, which resembled an E-can, an item that Megaman uses in the games to power up his energy. that was its charm, the novelty of it came from that sole aspect, despite what it might taste like.

    I have to tell you guys as a person who enjoys your products, that if the design you have chosen is in fact the finalized design for the can, then you have REALLY missed the whole point of the demand for it in the first place. I understand that this message probably does not mean much anything, and no amount of "input" probably will, but you should really know that the fanbase, me included, is really somewhat depressed that they wont be able to buy an E-tank, but merely a drink with megaman's image on it.

    And the answer they gave me...

    Thanks so much for your input and I do understand your concern. However please note that Boston America’s first concept for the drink WAS the same version that was produced in Japan , however Capcom rejected the design and asked us to move forward with the 8-bit concept we currently have available. We were disappointed too!

    Thanks again for letting us know your thoughts!

    So this is CAPCOMS fault? I seriously dont know what to think anymore.

  16. "So this is CAPCOMS fault? I seriously dont know what to think anymore."

    Could be, though I suspect it was some idiot in marketing who didn't have a clue and whose fault it really is!

  17. Well, I am kind of glad for the reply they gave. Now I wont be out 20 bucks for getting a now even rarer original E-Can design. I hope it at least tastes the same. '^_^

  18. That's no design flaw, it's a design FAIL.

  19. New News on the e can from Boston America.

    I really wanted to thank you for your email. It means a lot to me that you took the time to write us. Have you seen the design that we came out with? I have attached this for you. I understand why that Japanese version had such a tremendous appeal to the hard core Megaman fan but when we showed this to the buyers here in the US they didn’t know if the majority of their customers would understand the product. They felt that if we created a branded drink that this would have a broader appeal.

    That being said, our strategy with this drink is to create a demand for the brand with the attached design and then follow this up in 2010 with a design similar to the one you suggested below.




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