Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mega Man Cartoon: "Night of the Living Monster Bots"

Because it's Halloween, and there really isn't much going on on the news front...

Happy halloween, everyone!


  1. Oh the corniness. lol. Humans turning into werewolfs from a robot wolfman? or into a robo vampire? I must really wonder how the hell that works! XD

    Light turning into a werewolf is ridiculous, but Evelyn turning ninto a robot bat? WHAT? XD

  2. Ewww.. They are ugly american cartoon. Japanese anime rocks!

  3. I think Evelyn is a relative of Demitri (Darkstalkers), myself.

  4. Some amazing writing, there:
    "Oh, you'll be in my movie. Willingly or against your will!"

  5. I love this show just for things like that. One reason I got the DVDs

  6. Agree with the 1st comment, how the heck Wily did that?

    But to the most complicated questions, there is a simple answer for mad scientists:



  7. @ Anon 6:
    *breaks out paddle*
    Weaboo? Did someone say weaboo? Cuz I thought I heard someone say Weaboo...

    In any case, this was probably the better of the 3 RS cartoons in my opinion.

    at Anon 2: Its a cult classic because its just so bad its good. Its also fun to watch it for what it was, all "lol this and that are wrong" aside.

  8. I've never seen this particular episode. And it amazes me how, beneath the groan-worthy dialogue, there's actually some decent animation in there.

    Now, my question is, what happened after part 2?

  9. Part 3:


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