Thursday, November 12, 2009

Operate Shooting Star Releases

Reports are coming in from Japan that Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star has been released and is officially on sale. Copies will be going in the mail sometime now for those who pre-ordered online via Play Asia or elsewhere.

To commemorate the release, Capcom updated practically every section on the game's official web site, the most noteworthy being the addition of a new "download area". There, you'll find a plethora of Rockman EXE related assets to download such as official artwork, movies, sprite icons, and a flash based clock/timer.


  1. I! WANT! THIS! GAAAAMEE!!! <3

  2. So I got this game.

    I like how in the prologue it goes from RnR sprites to EXE1-3 sprites. XD

  3. I WANT THIS GAME TO! The box art looks pretty good. Capcom USA would release it in June, you know how slow Capcom is.

  4. You know, this game has the best anti-piracy EVER XD You can't move 2 pixels or you run into viruses :P Viruses hate piracy XD I'm laughing my butt off XD Yes, I have the rom, no I'm not telling people where to get it.. You won't get anywhere anyway XD

  5. @Roy L

    Actually I can confirm it works 100% on NO$GBA, only after a little fiddling with the emulation setup though.

    The virus thing apparently only effects flash carts... I know since I tired it on my R4 a while ago. LOL

  6. @ Twilightto:

    Yeah, apparently so, I uploaded a video on youtube a while back showing it, check out mah busting skillzzz xD

    On a serious note, there'll probably be a AR code/patch soon. Maybe it's just my firmware.

  7. @Roy L

    Well you could always search GBAtemp for a no random battles code. I heard there is one out that actually works. Lol

  8. Man, I can't wait for the OCW.

    Even though I'll get this, I'm still very underwhelmed and frustrated that they're acting like this is a big revival. Give us a real redo, yeesh. I was all excited about a new EXE game, and instead we get an old EXE game with some shiny stickers plastered on it.

  9. Ok, so after playing the rom for a bit I'm excited. They don't have that awful old PET menu, and it looks pretty interesting.

    Also, EXE's eyes look blue in the mugshot, but green on the PET screen. O_o

    Loves me some EXE.

  10. Yai looks evil. And it's weird that you hold B to walk.

  11. k it's out, can capcom work on megaman zx3 now? :B

  12. I have to agree with Roy L. I read about the anti privacy. Revenge of the Virus'! LOL (So, I was like, I'll wait for the patch).

    The RnR Prologue was nice, even though I had no idea what was going on besides them going to the past. Maybe I'll actually beat this one (only beaten EXE3 blue and Team of Blues)


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