Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sales Figures For Mega Man/Rockman

Capcom recently released the totals of sales statistics for their major franchises as of September 30th, 2009.  So, how does the good ol' Blue Bomber stack up?

Mega Man tied 2nd place with the Street Fighter franchise with an astounding 28 million units sold since the series' inception in '87.  However, when it comes to to titles in each franchise, Mega Man trumps all with 125 games.  Of note, this number includes re-prints, and multiplatform releases.

Complete data available at Capcom's Investor Relations page


  1. I'm not sure if we can take what that list says at face vaule when it comes to how many games are in a series.

    I mean it says Lost Planet has 7 titles, and Devil May Cry has 13 titles.

    Unless I missed something, DMC doesn't come CLOSE to have 13 titles in the series. Not even if you count multiple system releases, and I KNOW Lost Planet doesn't have friggen 7 titles.

    So I'm not sure we can take "MegaMan has 125 titles" at face value...

  2. maybe its including each region separately

  3. This list probably includes each region's version of the game, as well as re-prints (and each region of the re-print). If that's true, then 125 releases would be a bit more accurate (not 125 titles/games).

  4. I believe they count 1 game for every platform on which a certain game appears.

    i.e. Megaman X4 would be 3 games; PC, PSX, and Saturn.

  5. Lost Planet (360) + Lost Planet (PS3) + Lost Planet (PC) + Lost Planet Collector's Edition (360) + Lost Planet Collector's Edition (PS3) + Lost Planet: Colonies (360) + Lost Planet: Colonies (PC)

    = 7

    Weird, but, makes sense. All those separate editions do register their own sales data.

  6. I thought about that. Possibly it included the Japanese releases and so forth.

    But if that was true, it'd be a heck of a lot more. DMC had the first game, the second, two versions of the third, and the fourth for two systems. That's six. If you count europe and Japan, that'd be somewhere around twenty games at least. There was also a specail edition of DMC 4, which runs the number even higher, but not enough for 13.

    Now I noticed it says it includes re-releases now that I take a second look. But does this mean it includes the times the games were re-manufactured to be put on the shelf again? You know the second wave of games to meet demand?

    Even if it did, that doesn't count as a title in the franchise. So all in all these 'Title numbers' look messed up to me.

  7. Some cases they also count cell phone releases as games. Therefore, DMCs case would have a few there, including the popular Dante X Virgil one. Lost Planet also has one cell phone game.

  8. Also, I think it needs to be mentioned to those who are arguing whether or not it includes the Japanese releases... the answer is yes. On the other hand, it does not include the American releases of course. You may take notice that the site is Capcom of Japan. So that meaning they are not counting America, or Europe, or Korea or any other countries. If you counted a popular game in every country it was marketed, you would have 100 titles per title, so even thinking this include America and Europe and whatnot is ridiculous.


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